CoPilot – Flight Planning

CoPilot - Flight Planning$19.99 from Laurie Davis CoPilot - Flight Planning

CoPilot is a multi-leg flight planning program for general aviation pilots. It performs the calculations that a pilot would normally perform with a ruler, a protractor and an E6B calculator. CoPilot performs time, distance, heading, fuel, and weight & balance calculations.

A free (worldwide) online database is consulted whenever you input a waypoint identifier. All of the waypoints in the same area as the requested waypoint are automatically downloaded so they are available for offline planning.

Within five minutes you can completely plan a multi-leg trip, with detailed climb calculations and fuel planning. The weight and balance is calculated and plotted. A flight plan form is ready for when you call the FSS.

The information for multiple aircraft can be entered into the database. When you plan a flight, you select the airplane that you will use and the calculations will be performed using the information for the selected airplane.

The Palm version of this application has been the best selling aviation application for many years. It has been completely rewritten for the iPhone.

For more information, including a video overview, please visit the website.

New in version 2.0:
– added button to display the waypoint in the Maps application
– added a wind correction calculator to the standalone E6B calculators
– added an HSI display for each flight (if the device has a GPS)

New in version 2.1:
– added warnings for the aircraft data entry if the data does not appear to be correct
– added the ability to duplicate trips, aircraft, pilots or user waypoints
– added a simple leg calculator to the standalone E6B calculators
– added an online library of aircraft profiles

New in version 2.2:
– added the ability to file a US flight plan using ForeFlight
– added the ability to add a new flight that has the reverse route of an existing flight

CoPilot - Flight PlanningCoPilot - Flight PlanningCoPilot - Flight PlanningCoPilot - Flight PlanningCoPilot - Flight Planning


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