Hip Hop Top 100 on iTunes

Hip Hop Top 100 on iTunes$2.99 from nuTsie Hip Hop Top 100 on iTunes

Do the math . . . listen to the 100 best-selling Hip Hop songs for only $2.99.

The latest hits are automatically updated each week, keeping your iPhone the freshest around.

Who has the #1 song in Hip Hop this week? What song is climbing the charts?

With this new application from nuTsie, the current iTunes Top 100 Hip-Hop tracks are streamed directly to your phone complete with album art and song ranking list.

For the cost of only a few iTunes songs, you can hear the full tracks for the top songs in Hip Hop each week.

The list is based on the iTunes Top 100 for Hip Hop — quickly becoming the chart for what’s hot in music. If you hear one you like, go to the iTunes music store Top 100 Hip Hop list and buy it.

Hip Hop Top 100 requires a connection to a 3G, Edge, or Wi-fi network to stream the music to your iPhone or iPod Touch. It plays the music in shuffle mode much like a premium radio station.

Check out all the other great apps from nuTsie.

Hip Hop Top 100 on iTunesHip Hop Top 100 on iTunesHip Hop Top 100 on iTunes

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