LifeTimer$0.99 from David Leblond LifeTimer

How long has it been since the last time you fed the baby? How long has that chicken been in the fridge? How long before you can go on vacation? Life is time sensitive, and LifeTimer helps with that. You can add as many different timers as you like and they can count up or down. One tap lets you edit the description or icon. Two taps reset the count up timers. Rotating the iPhone into landscape display allows you to see your timer in greater detail. It’s that easy. Never again will you have to think “did I feed her at 3 or 4?”

Additional Features
– Change the icon and icon color of each timer for quick visual reference.
– You can change the display mode for each timer. Say you want to see just how many days until vacation, but you don’t care about hours or seconds… just pick timer mode “Days only” and you only see days!

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