Mobile Fotos

Mobile Fotos$2.99 from XK72 Mobile Fotos

Mobile Fotos lets you browse and upload to Flickr, including finding photos taken near your current location, playing videos* and geotagging and EXIF in uploads.

• Watch videos*
• Upload full resolution photos to Flickr, including background uploading and upload later, EXIF information* and GEOTAGS*
• Use multiple Flickr accounts
• Swipe through full-screen photos similar to the built-in Photos app.
• View where a photo was taken on a Map.

• BROWSE all of your own photos, your contacts’ photos and any other public photos, including favorites, tags, sets, groups, interesting photos and more. Including SWIPE and ZOOM.
• BACKGROUND UPLOAD QUEUE. Upload any photo from your saved photos or take a new photo with your iPhone’s camera. Adds EXIF information and GEOTAGGING.
• NEARBY photo search to find photos other people have taken around your location. View where a photo was taken on a MAP.
• CACHING makes accessing your Flickr photos as quick as possible.
• TWITTER integration with all of your favourite Twitter applications or the built-in web browser.

Please report any problems or make any suggestions using the Support website link below.

Flickr hasn’t yet converted all of the available videos to an iPhone compatible format. Videos uploaded in 2009 will be viewable; older videos will be available as soon as Flickr catches up.

When using the Camera mode in Mobile Fotos the correct EXIF information is added to the photo and you can add it to the upload queue.

When uploading from the Camera Roll the EXIF & GEOTAG are not available due to a limitation of the iPhone OS APIs. EXIF & GEOTAG information is added but the date is set to when you upload it and the location to your current location as the actual data is unavailable.

This product uses the Flickr API but is NOT endorsed or certified by Flickr.

Mobile FotosMobile FotosMobile FotosMobile FotosMobile Fotos


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