Pocket Weather AU

Pocket Weather AU$0.99 from Shifty Jelly Pocket Weather AU

Weather sourced directly from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) – an Australian Source for Australian Weather, makes sense doesn’t it?

– Forecast & observation data for hundreds of areas around Australia (every single location that the BOM has, we have)
– Sunrise/sunset times
– All of the BOM rain and wind doppler radars
– National rain & cloud radars
– Animated Australian Synoptic chart
– Shake to skin, simply shake your phone to switch between different skins
– Tide times for hundreds of locations around Australia
– Automatically find your local weather using your current location
– Last update is always cached, so you don’t need a network connection to check the weather for the week, once you’ve got it once.
– Updates are tiny (less than 10kb) so you don’t have to worry about your iPhone data cap.
– Supports landscape and portrait view, and in landscape you get all the information on a single page.

Check out the video and screenshots on our site (shiftyjelly.com) as well as here on iTunes to give you a better idea of what you can expect.

All future update will be free to anyone who has ever purchased our app!

In the next version we plan to bring BOM computer forecast information to your phone, meaning 6 day forecasts for almost every location! You can also expect at least one new skin, and much, much more.

This app is delivered fresh to your door, from three blokes in Adelaide. We do this in our spare time, and are committed to deliver the best features and support to all of you. We love hearing from you, and often implement ideas that we receive from you guys.

While we have explicit permission from the BOM to use and repackage all of their data, this app is not published, or maintained by the BOM, so please send your queries, suggestions and problems to us, and not them.

Pocket Weather AUPocket Weather AUPocket Weather AUPocket Weather AUPocket Weather AU


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