Caddy$9.99 from Kuzmycz Software Caddy

Caddy is an eScorecard that tracks and records your score as you play golf. The interface is designed to be simple and uncomplicated while still offering a range of feature, such as a range finder. Few applications can say they have more features nor can say they can do it better and none offer the level of features at such an affordable price.

The application supports from 1 to four simultaneous players. Now you can track your friend’s scores while playing in a simple to use interface. At the end of the round (and during if you wish) you can send a CSV version of your scorecard to all players or to anyone you like.

The application also contains a best of breed range finder (iPhone 3G required) that allows you to determine the distance to the green or any designated feature. The range finder is good enough to be an application on its own; and it is.

Have a handicap? Caddy can calculate and maintain your handicap. It will even store the handicaps of your friends so that you can play on a level field.

The aim of this application is to take away the burden of trying to keep track of your strokes and allow you to focus on what is really important – playing golf.

Like variety? The application has four gorgeous. Which theme are you?

Major Features
– Multiplayer support
– Course editor. Allows you to add your own courses from within the application
– Course browser.
– Score card browser
– Range finder (Enhanced)
– Stroke browser
– Central course repository
– Download/Upload courses
– Help facility
– Tee Set Support
– Handicap support

We are committed to providing the best possible application and we will continue to support and improve the application vigorously. If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement please email us.

Note: to use the range finder and to track strokes via GPS you need to enable each function from the iPhone settings.

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Range Finder



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