Jam: Lite 1 – Autumn Leaves

Jam: Lite 1 - Autumn Leaves$0.00 from Smudge Apps Jam: Lite 1 - Autumn Leaves

Sick of not having anyone to jam or practice with on popular Jazz Standards? Frustrated of those play-a-long CDs that you have to pan to the left or right? Wish you had more control to cut the bass OR drums OR piano OR lead?

Jam will change the way you practice your music. Play-a-long with real musicians – controlling how loud each musician is, or whether they are playing at all.

Jam: Volume 1 Lite has a copy of the Jazz Standard. Autumn Leaves, four additional songs are available in the full version.

There are four different tracks. If you don’t want the piano, simply turn it off. If you only want the drums, no problem! If the lead is too loud, you can turn it down or off without affecting the volume of the other instruments. You can change everything live, while the track plays, without ever worrying about them staying in sync!

These are REAL recorded musicians. Not sampled midi/computer generated backings which don’t help you practice your feel.
It is so useful if you are a musician but even non-musicians can enjoy live mixing jazz tracks.

Now you can practice Jamming without the band!

You can visit our product page below to see a demonstration of this app in action.

Please email your future song requests to support@smudgeapps.com

Jam: Lite 1 - Autumn Leaves


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