JetSet Expenses

JetSet Expenses$4.99 from BriteMac LLC JetSet Expenses

NOW ON SALE – $4.99!

JetSet Expenses is unlike any other business travel expense tracking and reporting software available for the iPhone. JetSet Expeness is full of features and fun and easy to use allowing you to enter expenses as they happen.

** Macworld gives it 4 out of 5 stars **

** See it featured at your local Apple store! **

** Featured by as an application to save travelers money **


-Quick expense category selection with JetSet’s unique visual icons. 15 major expense categories and 100+ sub-expense categories allowing you to easily choose and classify expenses without typing.

– JetSet Expenses now supports up to 6 different customizable payment types. You can now mark your individual expense with the credit card of your choice.

– Worried that you are losing money on your trip? JetSet keeps track of your personal balance based on the expenses you paid for versus what expenses are allowances to you.

– Ability to mark expenses as billable. Now if you travel for others you can keep track of expenses so you can easily bill your client later when you’re back at the office.

– Ability to mark expenses as reimbursable. The company often purchases expenses such as airline tickets for you. You need to track them as part of your expense report. JetSet Expenses makes this simple.

– Complete mileage support. You can set up allowances for business, medical, charity and one you define. You can use the build in mileage editor to easily track the odometer readings as required by tax authorities around the world.

– Detailed expense reporting capabilities providing expense category summaries and itemized detail for meals, mileage, entertainment and all other expense categories.

– Multiple reporting options are available as well. Options for a full reporting, summary reporting and payment type based reporting. Change the options to suit your need.

– Support for your iPhone international settings. JetSet Expenses now respects your local currency and local date formatting.

– Built in business calculator with percent key that can be used to record expense amounts and split expenses, and can be used as a stand-alone calculator within the program.

– Built in Airline, Hotel and Rental Car databases with one-touch connectivity via telephone or the web — don’t worry these contacts won’t get merged into your address book!

– Built in one-touch camera feature for photographing receipts for individual expenses. Photos are stored with individual expenses and added to your photo gallery and will sync with your PC or Macintosh using iTunes or your favorite Windows program.

– Expense comments section provides one-touch access to the iPhone Address Book allowing user to select names associated with business expense receipts for all expense types.

– Smart Start/End Dates that change as you enter and delete expenses.

– Improved user interface with features that do not get in your way. You can enter as much or as little data as you need.

– Compatibility with Google Spreadsheet, Microsoft Excel and Numbers using a single cut and paste to copy data.

– Complete support for uploading, sharing, and storing and editing expense reports using Goggle Spreadsheet.

– Complete support for emailing your expense reports using the built in iPhone mail client.

– Support for simultaneously tracking multiple expense reports including global views providing individual report totals.

JetSet ExpensesJetSet ExpensesJetSet ExpensesJetSet ExpensesJetSet Expenses


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