360 Games

360 Games$1.99 from FlexibleCode 360 Games

Version 2.0 Released!
– Fully redesigned and stylized
– 10 times faster
– Read GameSpot.com info without leaving the application
Browse reviews, screenshots, cheats, hints, walk-thrus

Stop wondering what games are out there worth playing. Now you can find out anytime, anywhere. Every game ever released on the platform and all upcoming titles.

I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten home excited about a new game in my clutches only to find out it SUCKS after only a few minutes of playing. Or even worse, there have been far too many times to admit when I got home with a new video game, jammed it into my deck, sat down with eager anticipation only to realize I had PLAYED the game already. Wonderful. One of life’s many treasures.

This is your chance to stop wasting time and money. Read up on the game as your standing in line. Keep track of everything you’ve played and your own score for it. Go deep with in-app browsing of GameSpot.com information for all the latest up-to-date scoop. And flip through games that have recently released or are coming out soon. (I came to the party late for: Oblivion, Grand Theft Auto GTA, and Halo 3 because I didn’t know they had released! Never again)


See what games are releasing soon!

Find out what games just came out, and what the critics think about them

Keep an eye on upcoming titles on your Wish List

Keep a list of the games you’ve played and what you thought of them

See what the critics rated any game, and override those ratings with your own

Search for any game out there and check out its score or review

Join me in my vow:
Dear Gaming Companies:
I vow to never again buy your games when THEY SUCK. I am now only going to play top-quality, newly released games that I know will please my little heart.

Sincerely, Super Gamer Dewd(ette)

For more gaming information try our other products. There you can get the same great information designed specifically for your platform. Find out about every Playstation (PS3 / PSP), Xbox 360, Nintentdo (Wii / DS), and PC Computer game out there. Have information about every video game ever made in your pocket. Quit buying duds, and play the best!

Family of titles:
* Wii Games
* PSP Games
* PS3 Games
* 360 Games
* PC Games
* DS Games

360 Games360 Games360 Games360 Games

Pc / Wii / PSP / PS3 e 360 Games: tutte le informazioni sui
Oggi vi parliamo di cinque programmi, ognuno dedicato ad una particolare piattaforma/console, grazie ai quali poter essere sempre aggiornati sui nuovi videogame in uscita. Titolo: Pc Games – Wii Games – PSP Games – Ps3 Games – 360 Games


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