Cams Ahoy! North America

March 7, 2009

Cams Ahoy! North America$0.99 from Betongkeps Cams Ahoy! North America

GPS is required, so it only works with iPhone 3G.

Stay alert near red light and speed cameras!

Cams Ahoy! is a handy tool that uses your phone’s GPS capability to alert you when a fixed photo enforcement camera is nearby.

The USA/Canada version comes pre-programmed with over 3,000 camera locations around the United States and Canada. The database of fixed enforcement cameras is the best available for USA and Canada and only available for Cams Ahoy!

Start Cams Ahoy!, and you’ll be reminded with an audible alert, vibration and visual animation whenever you’re near one of these locations. The display shows the type of camera (speed or red light camera), address, speed limit and distance to the camera. If you speed within set warning distance you will be alerted with a police siren.

Cams Ahoy! North America

Jumbled Word Helper MAX

March 7, 2009

Jumbled Word Helper MAX$1.99 from JL Software Jumbled Word Helper MAX

Jumbled Word Helper MAX takes any scrambled word from 4 to 15 letters, and instantly displays ALL same-length and smaller words that can be made from the scrambled word.
It’s there on your iPhone or iPod touch when you get stuck in the scrambled-word puzzle in the newspaper, or for that high-scoring word in a word-puzzle board game.
Your solutions appear for you in a snap, sorted by word length and alphabetical order, with an index along the side.
If you play Jumble®, Scrabble® or other word games, now the new Jumbled Word Helper MAX is the ultimate word construction tool. Have it handy on your iPhone/iPod touch!

Jumbled Word Helper MAXJumbled Word Helper MAXJumbled Word Helper MAXJumbled Word Helper MAX

Apps On Sale In The App Store on 02/02/2009
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Fret Surfer Bass Trainer

March 7, 2009

Fret Surfer Bass Trainer$2.99 from Jason Neufeld Fret Surfer Bass Trainer

Hot on the heels of Fret Surfer Guitar, the new bass version of Fret Surfer gives bassists the same powerful learning tool to gain a mastery of the fretboard!

In two main game modes, fret by note and note by fret, you will be quizzed on your knowledge of the fretboard. Statistics are also record to show your strong and weak points on the fretboard. You can also customize which strings and frets to be quizzed on, allowing you to hone in on certain areas of the fretboard that you struggle with. All in all, it’s a great way to learn the notes and take your playing to the next level. Hope you enjoy!

Now with 4 & 5-string and left-handed modes!

Fret Surfer Bass Trainer


March 7, 2009

ScribBall$2.99 from Howling Moon Software ScribBall

ScribBall now features multiple themes! You decide how ScribBall looks on your iPhone or iPod.
ScribBall is an arcade/puzzle game with a physics twist. The simple touch controls and realistic physics make for an easy-to-learn and intuitive game. ScribBall makes great use of the tilt feature, so as you tilt from side to side, the balls will tumble and roll just like you’d expect.

* Choose from several themes, including color blind friendly mode!
* New special balls featuring explosions, wildcards, locked balls, and more!
* Realistic physics – balls tumble and roll as they fall
* Easy to pick up addictive gameplay
* Control the fall of the balls by tilting your iPhone
* Fun hand-drawn graphics

When a group of four colored balls touch, they will pop and an avalanche of new balls will tumble in to take their place. Quickly and strategically tap out a few balls to set up the next match even before they settle into place. If your fingers are swift enough, you’ll add to an ever growing combo. This requires a bit of planning as every tap brings you closer to game over.

You’ll have a blast tapping and tilting away playing ScribBall.


Cash-In on New Year's App Store deals
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New Year’s App Blowout Drops Prices on 30 Titles
Several iPhone developers have dropped the App Store prices of their games and applications in celebration of the new year. 30 titles in all will be available at a discounted rate (some are even free!) over the course of today and


March 7, 2009

Kanji$0.99 from Lima Sky Kanji

ON SALE: $0.99 (regular price $2.99)

New Year’s resolution: Learn Kanji!

Kanji is among the TOP 10 paid educational apps in Japan!

“I LOVE your Kanji App. Very clean design, very well made.” – Customer review (US)

“Great product, use it all the time on the train in Tokyo.” – Customer review

“Simple intuitive interface makes it easy to remember the characters… ” – Customer review (US)

NEW IN THIS VERSION: when adding a new kanji to your custom list, you can now search for a particular kanji by entering a meaning or drawing the kanji. (for drawing kanji you need to enable Chinese keyboard under settings)*

Over 2000 additional examples for a total of over 4000 examples.

Kanji is the most popular Kanji learning app in the iTunes app store

“Kanji” is a must-have flashcards application for anyone learning the Japanese language.

It consists of 2040 kanji characters that are listed for taking the Japanese Language Proficiency Test – level 1, level 2, level 3, and level 4. For level 2, level 3 and level 4 kanji there are two exmaple words that use that kanji, and every example has reading in hiragana and the meaning in English.

You can create and save your own kanji lists by selecting kanji that you want to learn from the set of 2040 available kanjis, meanings, and readings. For example, you can create a custom kanji list that consists of all the kanji you need to learn for your next Japanese class. You can create as many lists as you want and can come back to them at any time.

Every kanji in the set is represented with a large image on its own card. Tapping on the card will reveal on and kun reading and meaning.

You can flip quickly through kanji meanings by swiping the card with your finger to move to the next or go back to the previous card. Checking off the card marks it as “mastered” and will remove it from the set for next reviewing. You can also go to the master list to manually select or deselect any of the kanji you want to include or exclude from the review.

Each kanji card has:
– on reading, kun reading, and English tranlsation
– two example words for all level 1, level 2, level 3 and level 4 kanji characters, over 4000 examples in total!
– hiragana reading and English translation for every example

– a complete set of 2040 kanji characters from the Japanese Language Procifiency Test level 1, level 2, level 3, and level 4
– over 4000 example words with readings in hiragana and meaning in English
– select which kanji you want to learn from the list of level 1, level 2, level 3, and level 4 kanji and create your own custom review and learning lists.
– search for kanji by entering a meaning or drawing the kanji (for drawing you need to enable and choose Chinese keyboard)*.
– intuitive, clean, and simple interface – you move through the cards by swiping them with a finger.
– your kanji selection is saved when you exit the application and remembered for when you come back to study more
– shake to restart going through the list.
– does not require internet connection

*To chose the Chinese keyboard go to: Settings: General -> Keyboard -> International keyboard -> Chinese -> Handwriting

Make sure to also check out KanjiPop – practice Kanji in a fun way! (just search for KanjiPop)

This package has included material from the EDICT and KANJIDIC dictionary
files in accordance with the licence provisions of the Electronic
Dictionaries Research Group. See and


Roulette helper

March 7, 2009

Roulette helper$0.99 from AAApplications Roulette helper

Roulette Helper is a simple application that will help you in times of need while playing roulette. You will never be caught in between red and black again while playing roulette. This application will make your decision- making process that much easier. The roulette helper is not guaranteed to make you win big, but it is a very helpful app nonetheless.

Roulette helper


March 7, 2009

Sportacular$0.00 from Citizen Sports, Inc. Sportacular

Fast, up-to-the-minute scores, standings, schedules, stats and news for pro and college sports.


– Soccer/Futbol (including English Premiership, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A and German Bundesliga)

– Golf leaderboards and schedules (including PGA, LPGA, PGA Champions, EURO PGA and PGA Nationwide)

– Cheer for your team and chat with your real friends during games using your Facebook account!

– Follow breaking news and rumors.

– Track your favorite players or fantasy teams by creating custom groups.

– Predict the winners of each game and see who the Sportacular community thinks will win.

– Follow us on Twitter! (