ShapeUp Club

ShapeUp Club$0.99 from Sillens AB ShapeUp Club

iShape is CHANGING NAME to ShapeUp Club

iShape have so far been a great success with thosands of users all over the world. We want to be even better so the next step is to expand iShape to new markets and platforms, therefore we are now changing name from iShape to ShapeUp Club. ShapeUp Club will be a more suitable name for future expanding of the application.

Thanks to all our current users for all positive feedback and success stories!

ShapeUp Club – Calorie, Nutrition and Exercise diary. The safe, natural and easy way to lose or gain weight.

You can see ShapeUp Club in action in our tutorial videos at

– Personal weight and nutrition planner, shows the calories you should eat every day
– Calorie counter, track your food and exercise day by day
– All the common food and exercises, and the ability to download more from online database
– Well categorised food database, search or browse it, whatever you feel like
– Add your own custom food and exercises
– Online database with food added by our users containing over 50 000 items
– Save frequently used food to favorites or meals
– Pie charts showing your daily nutrition information
– Customize your nutrional information, such as daily calorie intake and more
– Track sodium and fiber
– Watercheck
– Ability to write daily comment in diary
– A calendar function, giving the ability to add and edit your past days and plan future meals
– Add food in calories or kJ

– Set your own personal weight goals (lose, keep current or gain weight)
– Track your weight loss, waistline and bodyfat progress on a weekly basis
– See your progress in inspirational and easy overviewed charts
– Backup your data to our servers and restore it if needed
– Export data in PDF to mail
– Password protection (swtich on/off in settings)

– Just for fun: Take your own before and after photos
– Both US and metric measurement system

ShapeUp ClubShapeUp ClubShapeUp ClubShapeUp ClubShapeUp Club


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