VerseWise Bible RV

VerseWise Bible RV$1.99 from VDUB VerseWise Bible RV

VerseWise Bible™ (Reina-Valera, Spanish — la Santa Biblia en Español) is the Bible at your fingertips. It is optimized for easy, convenient reading. It contains both the Sagradas Escrituras Version Antigua and Reina-Valera 1909 texts.

– Quick navigation to any scripture
– Text stored locally on your device, no need for internet connection
– Search for one or more words, assisted by word completion and search history
– Returns exactly to last location and page position when app is revisited
– Automatically bookmarks your last location in each book and has a view history (up to 100 of your last readings) for easy back-and-forth navigation between books
– Convenient and smooth side-scroll for previous/next chapter navigation
– Text font & size settings
– Low light mode

While the Bible text is in Spanish, the rest of the application is English.

VerseWise Bible RVVerseWise Bible RVVerseWise Bible RVVerseWise Bible RVVerseWise Bible RV


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