Pitch To Note

March 9, 2009

Pitch To Note$1.99 from Intelligent Gadgets Pitch To Note

Have you ever jammed with a bunch of musicians and didn’t know the notes of the song or the chords? Pitch to Note breaks down an audio signal into a spectrum of musical pitches within the frequency range of the built-in microphone on the iPhone — roughly from two octaves below middle C to three octaves above. The main screen displays the harmonic spectrum along with the name of the loudest note. Touch the screen to display a time history of notes that is continuously updated. Pitch to Note is useful for voice training, teaching, and simple one-note-at-a-time musical transcription.

N.B. iPod touch requires external microphone.

Pitch To NotePitch To Note

Apple's Favorite iPhone Appilications
Apple is notoriously obsessed with details. Apple iPhone software exec Scott Forstall is no exception. “I actually have a photographer’s loupe that I use to make sure every pixel is right,” he once told Time magazine.

MinesManiak Lite

March 9, 2009

MinesManiak Lite$0.00 from Alexandre Minard MinesManiak Lite

Don’t forget that you can buy all the 20 PuzzleManiak games for only $4.99.
Just look for ‘PuzzleManiak’ on AppStore.

The famous Mine Sweeper game on the iPhone / iPod Touch. Flag all mines to win.

Play (locally) an unlimited number of puzzles (generated on the fly) over 2 levels of difficulty.


– Puzzles are generated on the fly, so you’ll never play twice the same.

– 2 level of difficulty (6 in the full version)

– Save / restore current game automatically

– 10 best scores of each level saved locally

– Zoom feature, to play large grids

Features only available in the Full version (only $.99):

– Web Challenge: challenge other players by downloading everyday an unique puzzle and compare your score to other ones

– 6 levels of difficulty (larger grids, more mines to discover, harder to solve)

And don’t forget, MinesManiak : It’s Demoniak! Even the Lite version!

MinesManiak LiteMinesManiak LiteMinesManiak LiteMinesManiak LiteMinesManiak Lite

Pregnancy Tracker

March 9, 2009

Pregnancy Tracker$1.99 from R.B. Designs Pregnancy Tracker

Pregnancy Tracker is designed to give you a quick and easy way to see the current progress of your pregnancy.

The easy to read display shows you the Estimated Due Date (EDD), the Countdown (time left until your baby arrives), Gestational Age (age of the baby), Trimester you are on, and an approximation on the size of the baby for the current week you are on. The size is now viewable with either English Units or Metric Units.

To figure out the Estimated Due Date you are offered four methods to choose from: the count-back method, 40 week method, 266 day method, and the estimated due date (usually given to you by the doctor at check ups). No matter which method you choose the tracking works just the same always keeping you up to date on the progress of your pregnancy. When people ask how far along you are or how much longer you have left the answer couldn’t be easier to get.

All of the settings are also saved so the next time you open the program you will not have to re-input your information.

Common Questions
Q; Why is the gestational age week different from the week seen on Week by Week or Photo Booth?
A: The reason for this is that when for example your gestational age is at 19 weeks 5 days you have completed 19 weeks so you are currently on Week 20 or the 20th week of your pregnancy.

* Quick view of the progress of your baby, including:
– Gestational Age, Trimester, Countdown, Due Date, Size
* Estimated weight and size of the baby
* Comparison of the baby size with a piece of fruit
* Weight and size viewable in English Units and Metric Units
* Four methods for figuring out and entering your due date
* All settings are saved
* Info about what is happening each week of your pregnancy to you and your baby
* Take a picture of yourself each week to keep track of your progress, you can also send these pictures to your devices library to sync to your computer (iphone users only for photo booth feature).

Please check out our newest app, My Baby’s Name, available now in the app store to help you find the perfect name for your little one.

Pregnancy TrackerPregnancy TrackerPregnancy TrackerPregnancy TrackerPregnancy Tracker

iSciCalc – Advanced Scientific Calculator

March 9, 2009

iSciCalc - Advanced Scientific Calculator$6.99 from Chillingo Ltd iSciCalc - Advanced Scientific Calculator

If you require expression based calculations, iSciCalc is for you. This is a functionality that is not available in the built-in calculator that comes with the iPhone or iPod Touch.

iSciCalc 2.0 is a multi-function scientific calculator for the iPhone or iPod Touch. It supports both Expression Calculation mode and Unit Conversion mode. Calculation results are interchangeable between two modes. Its design is so beautiful that we hope you would not look for something else.

In Expression Calculation mode, you may input and edit a full expression, unlike other calculator that immediately calculates the partial result when one hits a math operation button. For example, when you input 12 + 3 * 45.67 – 890, this expression will stay on the screen until you hit ‘=’ to yield the answer. Common scientific functions are supported, such as sin, cos, tan and their ‘arc’, natural log and exponential, e and pi values, as well as memory functions. The ANS key always returns the last evaluated result. A result too big or small will be displayed in scientific notation, with a mantissa and an exponential. For example, 0.0000000000087654321 will be displayed as 8.7654321E-12.

In Unit Conversion mode, 9 units of measurement (Length, Area, Volume, Speed, Weight, Pressure, Temperature, Energy, and Power) support over 70 units. You may freely convert from one unit to another of the same type. When you finish with the conversion and go back to the Expression Calculation Mode, the conversion result is stored in the ANS for the ease of recall in case you need it.
We care about the usability. Therefore iSciCalc allows you to tap the display anytime to edit the expression. We also display the full name of the unit of measurement when you press the key showing the abbreviation. We carefully differentiate international standards from imperial standards, or imperial standards from US standards.

We do listen to your feedback. Now we have a sharp C and backspace button in orange, the Unit button in blue, and the rest in cool black. We try to avoid your eyes being distracted by too many colors.

The 1.0 users probably remember the ‘sparkling diamond skin’. Yes, this ‘hidden’ feature is still supported. Simply sweep your finger across the display, and watch your iSciCalc change into a fancy look!

iSciCalc - Advanced Scientific CalculatoriSciCalc - Advanced Scientific CalculatoriSciCalc - Advanced Scientific CalculatoriSciCalc - Advanced Scientific CalculatoriSciCalc - Advanced Scientific Calculator


March 9, 2009

iTracer$2.99 from Fabio Policarpo iTracer

iTracer is a 3D modeling and rendering application for the iPhone. Build full 3D scenes and render high-quality images from any given view point. The rendered images can then be saved to your Photos Library for later use by other applications.

The new export scene by email saves all the scene objects, materials, lights and camera to a 3DS file that is attached to an email. The 3DS file can then be imported into common desktop 3D modeling apps like Autodesk’s 3DStudioMax and Maya. You will need a GMail, MobileMe or other compatible SMTP email account to use this feature.

The multi-touch interface allows view scaling, panning and tilting at any time with simple gestures. Translate, rotate and scale objects with simple touch movements that snap to an adaptive grid.

Includes a full material editor with diffuse and specular components, opacity, refraction, reflection and self illumination. Shadows are cast from multiple lights and support transparent objects.

Use procedural objects like spheres and boxes for infinite precision and faster rendering. Also supports generic triangle meshes with per-vertex normals.

The included modeling interface allows you to create custom 3D meshes using extrusion and revolution surfaces. A full feature 2D curve editor makes it easy to create 2D shapes and fine tune its vertices by moving, adding and deleting vertices as needed including support for multi-selection.


A Personal Assistant

March 9, 2009

A Personal Assistant$0.00 from Pageonce, Inc A Personal Assistant

Use A Personal Assistant to get all your personal online accounts password-free, in the palm of your hand: monitor banking, credit card transactions, and investment accounts, track cell minutes, see itineraries, manage air miles, and view your Netflix queue, social networks, online shopping accounts, and email. Accounts update automatically so the user has no need to manually input any data.

Manage accounts such as : Bloomberg, Chase, Citibank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Fidelity, United, Southwest, Comcast, AT& T, Blockbuster, LinkedIn, MySpace and thousands more.

Pageonce uses 128 bit SSL encryption and is insured by a top 10 A+ rated insurance carrier.

Lost your device?
Use Remote Data Destruct via your account at http://www.pageonce.com and disable access of account information from the missing device by deleting all account connections.

A Personal AssistantA Personal AssistantA Personal AssistantA Personal AssistantA Personal Assistant

BlackJack Run

March 9, 2009

BlackJack Run$1.99 from Seahorse Software BlackJack Run

Limited Time Sale!!!

BlackJack Run is on sale for US$1.99 (normally US$4.99) for a limited time!

Want to try this program out before you buy? Check out BlackJack Run Lite, a free version where you can play Level 1, and view the Global Best Scores.

BlackJack Run is not your grandmother’s BlackJack! The object is to get the highest score for each of the five rows, without busting (going over 21 points for a row), all before the time runs out for the round.

This fast paced game gives you bonuses for BlackJacks, time left, and more.

The game is ultra-customizable with 15 different levels to play! Once you start playing, you won’t be able to stop!

– 15 different levels of play
– Top 10 Best scores kept for each level
– Ability to submit your #1 Best Score to the Global list
– Best Score screen shows both your Local and Global Best Scores
– Option to display row totals on the left or right side
– Option to select from 7 original backgrounds

** To those who are having crashes **
Please try turning off your device completely, then turning it back on. If the problem persists, please contact support@seahorsesoft.com about the issue.

A majority of the users are not seeing these problems, and are successfully submitting scores to the Global list.

BlackJack RunBlackJack RunBlackJack RunBlackJack RunBlackJack Run