iTracer$2.99 from Fabio Policarpo iTracer

iTracer is a 3D modeling and rendering application for the iPhone. Build full 3D scenes and render high-quality images from any given view point. The rendered images can then be saved to your Photos Library for later use by other applications.

The new export scene by email saves all the scene objects, materials, lights and camera to a 3DS file that is attached to an email. The 3DS file can then be imported into common desktop 3D modeling apps like Autodesk’s 3DStudioMax and Maya. You will need a GMail, MobileMe or other compatible SMTP email account to use this feature.

The multi-touch interface allows view scaling, panning and tilting at any time with simple gestures. Translate, rotate and scale objects with simple touch movements that snap to an adaptive grid.

Includes a full material editor with diffuse and specular components, opacity, refraction, reflection and self illumination. Shadows are cast from multiple lights and support transparent objects.

Use procedural objects like spheres and boxes for infinite precision and faster rendering. Also supports generic triangle meshes with per-vertex normals.

The included modeling interface allows you to create custom 3D meshes using extrusion and revolution surfaces. A full feature 2D curve editor makes it easy to create 2D shapes and fine tune its vertices by moving, adding and deleting vertices as needed including support for multi-selection.



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