Pitch To Note

Pitch To Note$1.99 from Intelligent Gadgets Pitch To Note

Have you ever jammed with a bunch of musicians and didn’t know the notes of the song or the chords? Pitch to Note breaks down an audio signal into a spectrum of musical pitches within the frequency range of the built-in microphone on the iPhone — roughly from two octaves below middle C to three octaves above. The main screen displays the harmonic spectrum along with the name of the loudest note. Touch the screen to display a time history of notes that is continuously updated. Pitch to Note is useful for voice training, teaching, and simple one-note-at-a-time musical transcription.

N.B. iPod touch requires external microphone.

Pitch To NotePitch To Note

Apple's Favorite iPhone Appilications
Apple is notoriously obsessed with details. Apple iPhone software exec Scott Forstall is no exception. “I actually have a photographer’s loupe that I use to make sure every pixel is right,” he once told Time magazine.


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