Trips – Travel Manager

March 10, 2009

Trips - Travel Manager$9.99 from UnitConvertr Trips - Travel Manager

When you travel, there is lot of information you carry with you. These include information about your Flights, Car Rental, Hotel reservation, Dinner appointments, Meeting information etc. There are other information that come handy like confirmation numbers, contact numbers, website information etc on your trip. This application brings together all this information with an elegant and intuitive user interface.

Trips brings together different aspects of your travel itinerary to your finger tips in an intuitive user interface. You can track and check the status of thousands of flights across 1143 Airlines and 4246 airports around the globe. Apart from tracking your flights, you can also add your Hotel, Car Rental information, Meetings and your dinner appointments to your itinerary. The application also includes contact information of 85 major Hotel chains and 20 major car rental companies.

Here are some of the highlights of this application…

* Elegant & Intuitive User Interface
* Manage Flights, Car Rentals, Hotel Information
* Includes Meetings, Dinner and other appointments
* Check Flight Status of thousands of flights across 1143 Airlines and 4246 Airports worldwide
* Flight Status include delay information, Gate, Terminal, Baggage information etc
* Includes contact information for all major hotels chains and car rentals agencies
* Summary Screen that displays your activity for the day
* This is a well rounded travel tracker for your business and personal needs
* Email your trip itinerary to your family & friends

The flight timings will be shown after you check the status of the flight once.

If you are a frequent traveller, this application can be priceless.

If you have any feedback/suggestions/issues, please email us at

Trips - Travel ManagerTrips - Travel ManagerTrips - Travel ManagerTrips - Travel ManagerTrips - Travel Manager

Flags • iBear

March 10, 2009

Flags • iBear$1.99 from iBearSoft Flags • iBear

On January 7, 2009 we celebrated 100,000 users of iBear apps!

Great tool for improving your visual memory and a cool flags guide with 206 flags in total!

Learn all the countries, their capitals and flags!
Be aware of who is on the screen while watching Olympic games or any other international competitions! Spread your horizon! Become an aware member of an international family!

Three modes possible:

1) Learn.
Spend several seconds to learn about randomly selected flags. Tap Ok to move on to the next flag!
2) Guess.
Try yourself guessing whose flag is presented. Use map hints to see where the capital of the country is located.
3) Flags guide.
Search by flag pictures or by country names.

Significantly improve your visual memory and learn all the flags with iBearFlags application!

Flags • iBearFlags • iBearFlags • iBearFlags • iBearFlags • iBear

Legends: Forbidden Names

March 10, 2009

Legends: Forbidden Names$1.99 from ZappTek Legends: Forbidden Names

Legends brings you: Forbidden Names by noted fantasy author Robert E Vardeman.

Some jobs are too awful to contemplate-one of them is driver for a cross-dimensional truck carrying contraband cargo. It’s lonely, desperately lonely on the deserted road, and he knew better . . . but he had to pick up the beautiful, frightened hitchhiker. Chased across every SU11 dimension by unspeakable things, driver and rider face more than danger when they find FORBIDDEN NAMES.

– 26 pages in reader
– double-tap scalable text
– triple-tap inversion for low-light reading
– portrait & landscape reading, with orientation locking
– opens to your last read page
– easily find more Legends to read via the info page
– includes bookmarks
– add notes to any page
– notes are automatically bookmarked

Legends: Forbidden NamesLegends: Forbidden NamesLegends: Forbidden NamesLegends: Forbidden NamesLegends: Forbidden Names

Magic Drum

March 10, 2009

Magic Drum$0.99 from Tommy Kammerer Magic Drum

MagicDrum is not only a casual drum. Magically change the look or choose from different drumkits.


-Different drumkits: Rock Kit, Jazz Kit, Pop Kit, HipHop Kit

-Rapid play: slide from one drum to another.


-Very responsive

-High quality samples

Magic DrumMagic Drum


March 10, 2009

iKoto$1.99 from GClue, Inc. iKoto

iKoto is an application for playing Koto(Japanese Harp) on iPhone.
Koto is a Japanese traditional stringed musical instrument that can produce oriental tone.
Recording, playing, and demonstration functions are installed.
There are tone scale change and pitch-bend functions.
Enjoy Japanese traditional sound.

The following three pieces of sample music are installed.
For Elise

Recording data can be stored up to three.

The following eleven tones scale are preset.

*Be sure your iPhone is not in silent mode*


iPhone x Music「iPhoneが予言するいつか音楽と呼ばれるもの」(2)
iPhone x Music -iPhoneが予言するいつか音楽と呼ばれるもの 発売から一ヶ月がたちました。 おかげさまで、いろんな方に読んでいただけているみたいです。 [「iPhone x Music」いろいろなサイトでご感想をいただいております]

[iPhone][App Store]「mmApSelect」で紹介しているアプリのレビュー
mmApSelectの更新に合わせて、レビュー記事一覧も更新しました。 mmApSelectには以下からアクセスできます。 moto_maka applist. 当然のように超長いので、続きは「続きを読む」にて。

[iPhone][App Store] 「mmApSelect」で紹介しているアプリのレビュー
ちょっと前から少しずつ調べてたんですが、ようやくまとまりました。 長かった・・・. mmApSelectには以下からアクセスできます。 moto_maka applist. 当然のように超長いので、続きは「続きを読む」にて。

[iPhone][App Store] iPhone定番アプリ100選「mmApSelect」公開
以下の記事を読んで。 iPhoneアプリの総数がそろそろ1万本に届きそうな件. 今後も、AppStoreのアプリ数はどんどん増えていくだろうし、. その中から、いかに良アプリをチョイスしていく

う~ん。さすが気合の入ったクリエータは違う・・。 ランキング上位に入った人気に胡坐をかき、たいした機能アップのないプレミアム版を高価設定で別販売するような有象無象アプリ製作者が多い中で、あの楽器アプリの最高峰である「iKoto」の待ちに待った


March 10, 2009

Cosmovox$1.99 from Leisuresonic Cosmovox

Six weeks on the App Store Staff Favorites list!

“There are a few apps that attempt to create whole new instruments out of the iPhone… Among these, Cosmovox is by far the most interesting.”

“Cosmovox is a fun app for musicians of any caliber, with a far-reaching landscape of space-age sounds to explore.”

“Anyone who is interested in the core of electronic music or wants to play around with a great musical tool will enjoy Cosmovox.”

Cosmovox is a unique and innovative motion-controlled music instrument for the iPhone and iPhone touch. Cosmovox allows you to control a powerful professional-quality synthesizer using over 60 different musical scales. Cosmovox uses the built-in accelerometer of your iPhone to track your hand motions and precisely map them to musical pitches from the scale of your choosing.

Cosmovox Features:

– Accelerometer Controlled

– Over 60 Different Musical Scales
– Major, Minor, Church modes
– Blues scale
– Balinese Gamelan scales
– Japanese Pentatonic scales
– Harmonic Series, Microtones
– Theremin scale, and many others

– Fully-featured Synthesizer

– 9 Real-time Multi-touch Sliders
– Modulation
– Feedback
– Instability
– Vibrato
– Beating, and many others

– Professional Audio Quality
– Synthesizer renders using 32-bit floating-point
– Full stereo 44.1 KHz 16-bit final audio output

– WiFi Open Sound Control (OSC) support


Smart Caller

March 10, 2009

Smart Caller$0.00 from Telecom Market Solutions Smart Caller

Effortless and Affordable International Calls on Your iPhone:

Places calls using a calling card to get great rates on international calls.
Price comparisons: we find and set uo the best cards for calling your countries by number crunching all prices & fees for you.
Automatic calling card setup.
Works without WiFi – call everywhere you have a phone signal.
Uses your location to ensure use of right card in right country.

Smart Caller brings clumsy calling cards up to date with one-touch iPhone integration. Use it to make international calls to friends and family abroad at great rates so you can talk as long as you like. Get relief from juggling all the calling card numbers because Smart Caller dials for you.

Smart Caller does not avoid roaming fees when traveling abroad.

Smart CallerSmart CallerSmart Caller