Cosmovox$1.99 from Leisuresonic Cosmovox

Six weeks on the App Store Staff Favorites list!

“There are a few apps that attempt to create whole new instruments out of the iPhone… Among these, Cosmovox is by far the most interesting.”

“Cosmovox is a fun app for musicians of any caliber, with a far-reaching landscape of space-age sounds to explore.”

“Anyone who is interested in the core of electronic music or wants to play around with a great musical tool will enjoy Cosmovox.”

Cosmovox is a unique and innovative motion-controlled music instrument for the iPhone and iPhone touch. Cosmovox allows you to control a powerful professional-quality synthesizer using over 60 different musical scales. Cosmovox uses the built-in accelerometer of your iPhone to track your hand motions and precisely map them to musical pitches from the scale of your choosing.

Cosmovox Features:

– Accelerometer Controlled

– Over 60 Different Musical Scales
– Major, Minor, Church modes
– Blues scale
– Balinese Gamelan scales
– Japanese Pentatonic scales
– Harmonic Series, Microtones
– Theremin scale, and many others

– Fully-featured Synthesizer

– 9 Real-time Multi-touch Sliders
– Modulation
– Feedback
– Instability
– Vibrato
– Beating, and many others

– Professional Audio Quality
– Synthesizer renders using 32-bit floating-point
– Full stereo 44.1 KHz 16-bit final audio output

– WiFi Open Sound Control (OSC) support



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