InstaContact™$0.99 from Software Ops LLC InstaContact™

InstaContact™ is a fast way to enter new contacts into your iPhone or iPod Touch. InstaContact™ helps you when you are in a hurry and need to capture that important contact information now!

Adds Information to Apple’s Contacts
The folks at Software Ops believe Apple’s Contacts for the iPhone and iPod Touch is one of the finest apps on the iPhone, but getting information into Contacts is cumbersome. We have devised a little application that does one thing and it does it fast.
InstaContact™ puts your contact information into the same address book as the Apple Contacts. The information will be synced back into your Address book via iTunes.

Enter Business Contacts in an Instant
If you use your iPhone for business and need to add contact information fast, then InstaContact™ is for you. Get your sales leads and important business contacts added fast.

Did you get her name and number?
InstaContact™ will get the information from her fast. Just launch InstaContact™, and hand her your iPhone a few taps later, you can give her a call.

Customizable Fast Entry Fields
InstaContact allows you to select from the list of fields below, what fields you want when InstaContact starts. Only what her first name and number? Then customize InstaContact to just allow a first name and main number. Want first, last and business name, along with mobile number and email? No problem, just select those fields in the quick pick list and you only have those 3 fields.
First Name
Last Name
Mobile Phone
Home Phone
Work Phone
Main Phone
Email Address

(*Price subject to change.)



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