Legends: Burn the Sky

Legends: Burn the Sky$1.99 from ZappTek Legends: Burn the Sky

Legends brings you: Burn the Sky by Robert E. Vardeman

Most of a plague-wracked Earth’s population has fled to dozens of immense O’Neill space colonies scattered around the Solar System. Each space colony has developed a culture uniquely its own. Some favor transhumans, androids, AI robots or genetic modifications of all kinds while others value freedom – from all rules. Lariat is a courier who allows neural imprints onto his brain for downloading at a desired destination. His job of transporting a dead scientist’s neural casting turns deadly when he is hijacked into another body on a circum-Jupiter space station by nihilists intent on . . . burning the sky.

If you enjoy Burn the Sky be sure to read On Wings of Plague, another story in the Burn the Sky Universe.

– 39 pages in reader
– double-tap scalable text
– triple-tap inversion for low-light reading
– portrait & landscape reading, with orientation locking
– opens to your last read page
– easily find more Legends to read via the info page
– includes bookmarks
– add notes to any page

Legends: Burn the SkyLegends: Burn the SkyLegends: Burn the SkyLegends: Burn the SkyLegends: Burn the Sky


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