More Cowbell!

More Cowbell!$0.99 from Maverick Software More Cowbell!

** The original and still the best cowbell on the iPhone, as seen in Wired, CNN Fortune’s Top 10 Must Have iPhone apps, and Mac Life’s 101 Most Essential iPhone Apps!

Note – to turn on the “shake to play” option, go to the Info panel and select “Tuning & Options”.

Sometimes you have a fever, and there is only one prescription – More Cowbell!

For best results, start up your favorite rock song (Don’t Fear The Reaper, anyone?), then launch More Cowbell and tap the screen to play along!

Make sure to keep up the beat, or your record producer may demand more. More cowbell, that is!

– Includes 4 other instruments when a cowbell isn’t enough- maracas, triangle, tambourine, or sleigh bells.

– Options to change the pitch of the instrument and turn on/off ability shake the iphone/ipod to play the cowbell,

– Built-in cowbellometer and online rankings, so you can see how you stack up with the rest of the people in your city, country, or the world.

What are iPhone owners saying about More Cowbell?

“Finally, an app that can compete with the light-saber. My wife hates the new iPhone” – rKunda

“This app is nothing short of brilliant” – Betelgeuse

“This was the first app that I put on my phone when the app store was released… and one of the one ones that I have not removed from my phone” – YouKnoWhoJF

“Seriously this thing has absolutely no purpose other than being awesome.” – Theyoungant

More Cowbell!More Cowbell!More Cowbell!More Cowbell!More Cowbell!


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