Trips – Travel Manager

Trips - Travel Manager$9.99 from UnitConvertr Trips - Travel Manager

When you travel, there is lot of information you carry with you. These include information about your Flights, Car Rental, Hotel reservation, Dinner appointments, Meeting information etc. There are other information that come handy like confirmation numbers, contact numbers, website information etc on your trip. This application brings together all this information with an elegant and intuitive user interface.

Trips brings together different aspects of your travel itinerary to your finger tips in an intuitive user interface. You can track and check the status of thousands of flights across 1143 Airlines and 4246 airports around the globe. Apart from tracking your flights, you can also add your Hotel, Car Rental information, Meetings and your dinner appointments to your itinerary. The application also includes contact information of 85 major Hotel chains and 20 major car rental companies.

Here are some of the highlights of this application…

* Elegant & Intuitive User Interface
* Manage Flights, Car Rentals, Hotel Information
* Includes Meetings, Dinner and other appointments
* Check Flight Status of thousands of flights across 1143 Airlines and 4246 Airports worldwide
* Flight Status include delay information, Gate, Terminal, Baggage information etc
* Includes contact information for all major hotels chains and car rentals agencies
* Summary Screen that displays your activity for the day
* This is a well rounded travel tracker for your business and personal needs
* Email your trip itinerary to your family & friends

The flight timings will be shown after you check the status of the flight once.

If you are a frequent traveller, this application can be priceless.

If you have any feedback/suggestions/issues, please email us at

Trips - Travel ManagerTrips - Travel ManagerTrips - Travel ManagerTrips - Travel ManagerTrips - Travel Manager


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