March 11, 2009

LOLcatMaker$0.99 from Rich Olson LOLcatMaker

OMG!!! Make your LOLZ world famous! LOLcatMaker now submit directly to!

LOLcatMaker lets you easily create your own LOLcats right from your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Just take a photo or select an existing one, add a caption and then let the LOLZ begin.

Using the Safari web browser, you can even download photos from the web – and then caption them.

After you’ve finished and saved your LOLcat, emailing your creation to friends from your photo gallery is easy.

LOLcatMaker can also be used to make hilarious images involving dogs, walruses and even humans.

Some fonts used by this program are provided under license from (see LOLcatMaker support site for details).

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Jackpot! News

March 11, 2009

Jackpot! News$0.99 from Jackpot! News

Need to know what’s the latest jackpot on Mega Millions or Powerball? Or simply want to check your numbers on those lotto tickets? The Jackpot! News app is here for you. It is a simple app with quick access to the current jackpot information and the last 5 drawing results right on your iPhone or iPod touch. The app now brings you 8 jackpot lottery games (3 multi-states and 5 states) in the US.

Three multi-state lottery games:
– Hot Lotto
– Mega Millions
– Powerball

(new) Five state lottery games:
– California SuperLOTTO Plus
– Florida Lotto
– New Jersey Pick-6 Lotto
– New York Lotto
– Texas Lotto Texas

– Get the latest jackpot information and drawing date
– Get the last 5 drawing results with jackpot and winning information
– Get payout information
– Link to official lottery website
– Email jackpot information or drawing results to friends
– (new) Select which lottery game to display
– (new) Refresh data without exiting the app

Please send questions/comments to or visit

Jackpot! NewsJackpot! NewsJackpot! NewsJackpot! NewsJackpot! News


March 11, 2009

Miner$3.99 from iBearSoft Miner

Recruit your brave iBearMiner!

Try to clear an abstract minefield without detonating a mine. Play regular 2D mode or try out a new 3D modification of the classic minesweeper!

Enjoy new sounds and amazing game play!


Le offerte del giorno su AppStore (22/12)
Ecco le migliori offerte presenti su AppStore. Mides IDE (sviluppare applicazioni web): 2,99€ (prezzo pieno 9,99€); Yo Craps (gioco di dadi): 1,59€ (prezzo pieno 3,59€); Darkslide Premium (gestione account Flickr): 2,99€ (prezzo pieno 9

Crossword Master

March 11, 2009

Crossword Master$0.99 from Soneso Crossword Master

Crossword Master is designed to help you solve crossword puzzles, anagrams and other word games such as Scrabble™ or Literati™.

It’s powerful, iPhone/iPod optimized search engine allows you to use periods (.) for blanks and lets you find matching words very fast.

Example: You need an eight letter word that starts with a “B” and ends with a “C”? Just type “B……C” and Crossword Master will show a list of found matches immediately.

Crossword Master contains 3 word-sets you can choose from:

1. General word-set containing over 350 000 single english words

2. TWL word-set compatible with the Srabble™ Official Tournament and Club Word List (used in the USA, Canada and Thailand) containing 178 691 english words

3. SOWPODS word-set compatible with the Official Scrabble™ Words: International Edition (used in the most countries except the USA, Thailand and Canada) containing 267 751 english words.

With Crossword Master you can also easily find out if a word is valid for your crossword/game or not. Just type in the complete word to find out if it matches.

Crossword Master also contains an integrated web view for fast access to the WordNet 3.0 dictionary online search. Just tap the corresponding disclosure button and it will start the online search to find your word and show the WordNet resultpage. (WordNet is a very large semantic lexicon for the English language. It contains more than 150 000 words.)

Powerful and easy to use, Crossword Master is a must have for everyone who loves word based games and puzzles.

Crossword MasterCrossword MasterCrossword MasterCrossword MasterCrossword Master


March 11, 2009

TiltSnake$0.00 from Tofodo Software TiltSnake

TiltSnake is a classic remake of the time-proven arcade game in which you pilot a snake that must eat up food in order to grow. Watch out for it’s tail !

Features :
– retro-style graphics
– swipe-based controls or accelerometer-based gameplay
– increasingly difficult levels (snake becomes longer and faster on each level)
– high score list
– settings for sensitivity, player name and control scheme selection

Best of all, this game is entirely free ! I hope you enjoy it, a lot of time went into creating it.