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Jackpot! News$0.99 from MyLottos.com Jackpot! News

Need to know what’s the latest jackpot on Mega Millions or Powerball? Or simply want to check your numbers on those lotto tickets? The Jackpot! News app is here for you. It is a simple app with quick access to the current jackpot information and the last 5 drawing results right on your iPhone or iPod touch. The app now brings you 8 jackpot lottery games (3 multi-states and 5 states) in the US.

Three multi-state lottery games:
– Hot Lotto
– Mega Millions
– Powerball

(new) Five state lottery games:
– California SuperLOTTO Plus
– Florida Lotto
– New Jersey Pick-6 Lotto
– New York Lotto
– Texas Lotto Texas

– Get the latest jackpot information and drawing date
– Get the last 5 drawing results with jackpot and winning information
– Get payout information
– Link to official lottery website
– Email jackpot information or drawing results to friends
– (new) Select which lottery game to display
– (new) Refresh data without exiting the app

Please send questions/comments to support@mylottos.com or visit http://www.mylottos.com/jackpot.

Jackpot! NewsJackpot! NewsJackpot! NewsJackpot! NewsJackpot! News


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