iSheet$3.99 from Nexar Software Studios iSheet

iSheet lets you create and edit text tables in both portrait and landscape modes, having unique user interface to operate table data easily and effectively on a small iPhone or iPod touch screen. Sheet can be exported and imported to/from Google Spreadsheets, wherever you are.

iSheet allows you to:
• Enter and view data with a screen-wide floating window on a cell.
• Copy, paste, insert, and move each cell data with just one tap.
• Create, copy, paste, insert, and move each column or row with just one tap.
• Free horizontal and vertical sheet scrolling.
• Show or hide fixed column and/or row headers.
• Modify font size, style, color, alignment, and background color settings for each cell, column, and row.
• Modify each column width and row height freely.
• Email sheet in CSV format.
• Copy sheet. (“Edit” in sheet/folder view then tap sheet name)
• Organize sheets by creating folders and subfolders.
• Search folders and sheets.
• Use wide landscape keyboard.

• Export sheet to Google Spreadsheets.
• Import sheet from Google Spreadsheets.

Note: iSheet doesn’t have numeric functions as iSheet is designed to operate text tables for responsiveness and ease of use. Google Spreadsheets feature exports and imports text data alone and it doesn’t include numerical expression nor text format.


iNoteその1 Nexar Software Studiosから出ている2つのiPhoneアプリiNoteとiSheet。 その両方が、今回のバージョンアップで、それぞれGoogle DocsとGoogle Spreadsheetsの間でファイルのインポートとエクスポートが可能になりました。


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