iSort$4.99 from Frederic Bayle iSort

iSort is a Database manager.

With it, you can have all informations about everything you care in your pocket. Informations about your bottles of wine, your books…

Database and fields creation, records management, all is done with iSort only, without touching a computer.

There is no limit for the number of databases or fields you can create.

iSort allows to create these kind of fields :

– Text (short and long)
– Date
– Numeric
– Pictures (small, medium and large)
– Switches (Yes/No)
– Lists (to display dynamically the content of another base)

In addition, text fields can be telephone, web or mail fields. In this case, a button against the field allows to initiate a telephone call, visit a web page or send a mail.

A built-in web server allows to import/export CSV files as well as pictures, and to manage the databases (edit, add, and delete records) with your computer browser.

iSort is very easy to use : if you know how to use Contacts, you’ll know how to use iSort.


iSort iSort. 名前の割にはアイコンの画像はまるでソートされていないようですが,まあ人のことは言えません私の机の上だってひどいものですから。 それはさておき,カード型データベースアプリなのですが,これは工夫次第でいろんな使い道がありそう。


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