UntangleManiak Lite

UntangleManiak Lite$0.00 from Alexandre Minard UntangleManiak Lite

Don’t forget that you can buy all the 20 PuzzleManiak games for only $4.99.
Just look for ‘PuzzleManiak’ on AppStore.

The famous Untangle (aka Planarity) puzzle game on the iPhone / iPod touch. Rules are easy: click and drag the dots to untangle the lines.

Play (locally) an unlimited number of puzzles (generated on the fly) over 3 levels of difficulty (6 in the full version)

Features :

– Puzzles are generated on the fly, so you’ll never play twice the same.

– 3 levels of difficulty (6 in the full version)

– Save / restore current game automatically

– 10 best scores of each level saved locally

Feature only available in the full version (only .99$):

– Web Challenge: challenge all other players everyday

– 6 levels of difficulty

And, don’t forget, UntangleManiak: It’s Demoniak!!! Even the Lite version!

UntangleManiak LiteUntangleManiak LiteUntangleManiak LiteUntangleManiak LiteUntangleManiak Lite

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