WorldView$0.00 from Andreas Linde WorldView

There are thousands of webcams taking pictures of places, streets, landscapes and whatever else. Providing impressive views of the world.

WorldView brings the world into your pocket. Watch over 9000 webcams from all over the world in fullscreen on your iPhone or iPod touch when connected to the internet. Search for a place, for webcams nearby, or take a look at popular webcams from around the world. All webcams listed in are available!

Since caches the webcam images, this app cannot present live pictures. Depending on the popularity of the webcam, image updated are done between 15 minutes to a few hours.

Feature overview:
– Manage as many webcams as you want using bookmarks
– Backup your bookmarks automatically, so you won’t loose them e.g. after reinstalling
– See the distance of each webcam to your current position
– Get a random list of webcams, shake the device to reload the list
– Watch webcams newly added, recently viewed or being popular on
– View the position of each webcam on a map from within WorldView Live or view it in Google Maps
– View additional information for each webcam on the website without leaving the application. Or open Safari to view the website of the webcam itself
– Promote a webcam to friends via email
– Save the current image to your camera roll

If you cannot find your webcam, just add them to website for free and it will also appear in WorldView!

If there are any question or problems you are experiencing, please head over to our support forum at This would give us the chance to help sort out any issues you may be experiencing! Thanks!

The extended edition WorldView Live, also available in the iTunes AppStore, will even give you access to live images from a huge collection of webcams or even live video streams if available. Or do you have your own webcam(s) providing (access protected) images or video over the internet? Add them to WorldView Live and watch them from wherever you are.


All-time best iPhone apps: Top 100, part 2
We knew yesterday’s run down of the first 50 in our all-time best iPhone apps: Top 100 wouldn’t be enough. You’re back for more, and we’ve got loads! The second half of our top 100 iPhone apps isn’t lower quality than the first half.

Quella sera eravamo a cena nel ristorante del Riccio che ospitava per qualche giorno un cuoco jappo che cucinava il sushi originale. Quella sera eravamo già abbronzati, era estate da 2 mesi qui a genova.

from 苹果公司推出第一款iPhone已有很长一段时间了,iPhone的屏幕确实够大,可能很多朋友都想过使用它来观看视频,基本上我们通过iPhone Apps或者YouTube观看视频,苹果官方提供的视频应用程序数量确实太少。 本文将向大家介绍10款好用的第

WorldView (瞬間看地球)
WorldView 係一個Web Cam Image 既瀏覽器,可以睇到世界各地6700部Web Cam 拍攝既照片!! 咁你就可以在iPhone 上「瞬間看地球」,同一時間觀看世界各地既照片!! 如果想睇實時(Live)照片或者想自已加Web Cam 網址就可以購買另一個付費版WorldView Live

[App Store] 10 новых способов просмотра видео на iPhone
Реклама: Z-store: Новогодние скидки на iMac. Когда iPhone только появился, его пользователи могли смотреть видео двумя способами: с помощью стандартного встроенного плеера iPod и приложения YouTube.

Le migliori 10 applicazioni video gratuite per Iphone!
Fin dal suo debutto nel 2007, coloro che possiedono iPhone hanoo potuto usufruire della vision di video tramite due percorsi principale:iPod software el’applicazione di YouTube. Queste sembravano sino a poco tempo fa le uniche utilities

Top 10 iPhone Video Apps
Since its debut in 2007, iPhone owners have been capable of consuming video in two ways: via iPod software as well as a YouTube application. And these options presumably remain the exclusive utilities employed for viewing clips.

Sélection d'applications pour iPhone après une dizaine de jours d
J’ai donc un iPhone entre les mains depuis une dizaine de jours. Choisir un iPhone, c’était notamment pour accéder à ses applications. Après quelques visites de l’App Store et pas mal de tests, j’ai pu constater qu’elles étaient

WorldView App Name: WorldView Version: 1.1.0 Developer: Andreas Linde Category: Utilities Sure, you can get various scenic webcam viewers for various locales — traffic cams or just general webcams from around the world.

iTunes – App WorldView
Mit Applicationen (App) kann man den ipod Touch und auch das iPhone unheimlich erweitern. Ich habe schon einige, bisher nur kostenfreie Apps ausprobiert und auch wieder gelöscht. Doch eine habe ich behalten und diese möchte ich Euch


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