Keeper™ – Password & Data Vault

Keeper™ - Password & Data Vault$0.99 from Callpod Inc. Keeper™ - Password & Data Vault

*** Desktop App for Mac and PC Coming Soon! ***

Keeper™ by Callpod® allows you to store all of your secret passwords, notes, website logins and other top secret personal information on your iPhone and iPod Touch. It’s the SAFEST and MOST SECURE way to store and retrieve information.

Your Keeper™ records are NOT stored online – they are stored on your device and backed up on your PC/Mac in encrypted format. If your iPhone is lost or stolen, your information stored in Keeper is protected with 128-bit military-grade AES encryption.

“Self Destruct” mode provides further protection by erasing all secret information if the wrong master password is entered 5 times by an intruder.

Why is Keeper™ the #1 Password App?

* Easy to use
* Military-Grade Encryption (128-bit AES)
* Sync with your PC/Mac, multiple iPhones
* Searchable
* Self Destruct protection

“I love Keeper and use it multiple times per day. In order I use: e-mail, phone, Keeper”.

Watch the video at:

Questions and Live Chat (8AM-5PM CST)

Latest News 4/09:

– Keeper Restore Utility is available for Mac and PC. This app will locate your Keeper databases in your iTunes backup files in case you change phones or you lose data! Download at:

– Desktop App for Mac and PC is being launched in a few days… seamless sync with your iPhone/iPod Touch over Wi-Fi to backup and access Keeper data on your computer.

– Sign up for the Keeper mailing list at:

– According to, 128 bit AES brute force attack on your data would take 147 trillion years for a super computer to crack.

Keeper™ - Password & Data VaultKeeper™ - Password & Data VaultKeeper™ - Password & Data VaultKeeper™ - Password & Data VaultKeeper™ - Password & Data Vault


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