QuickBank Checking and Personal Finance ***SALE***

QuickBank Checking and Personal Finance ***SALE***$0.99 from Ractor QuickBank Checking and Personal Finance ***SALE***

“The easiest and most powerful personal finance program in the App Store hands down!”


* Now Featured in Apple’s Store Displays Nationwide *

Featuring: Unlimited accounts, categories and transactions. Directly export your account data in OFX, QIF and CSV format for use with Quicken, Microsoft Money, Excel etc. Account reconciliation. Create recurring transactions. Password protection. Account Transfers. Memorized Payees. Photograph your receipts. Create pie graphs and reports to track your spending. Password protect your account information. Support for 14 different currencies.

QuickBank has more features and is easier to use at a fraction of the cost!

ICON CHANGE: Please note that the QuickBank icon on your iPhone will change. For a limited time the Piggy Bank icon will remain in the store as Apple is currently using this image in their own advertising, however upon installing QuickBank a new checkbook and pen icon will appear on your device.

Features (QuickBank 1.8)

RAPID TRANSACTION ENTRY: With QuickBank you can quickly add multiple transactions one after another. More detailed information can be entered at any time with the detail view, including photos of your receipts.

ACCOUNT RECONCILIATION: Check off items that have cleared your bank to keep a more accurate balance of the funds in your account.

RECURRING TRANSACTIONS: Create transactions that will repeat based on the frequency you choose.

ACCOUNT TRANSFER: Transfer funds from one account to another.

MEMORIZED PAYEES: QuickBank memorizes your payees and provides autocomplete functionality to make entering your transactions even faster.

REPORTS AND GRAPHS: Generate reports based on your account data and view 3d graphs detailing your expenses.

ACCOUNT EXPORTING: Export your accounts and transactions for use with Quicken, Microsoft Money, or any popular finance program that supports the OFX, QIF or CSV format. WiFi export also lets you export all your transaction photos.

UNLIMITED ACCOUNTS AND TRANSACTIONS: You can create any number of accounts for Checking, Savings, Credit Cards and Investment account tracking.

FAST PERFORMANCE: Great performance regardless of how many accounts or transactions you have. Tested with over 10,000 transactions and still works like a charm.

MEMORIZED PAYEES: QuickBank memorizes all your payees and provides a very fast autocomplete option whenever you enter a new transaction for a known payee.

CUSTOMIZABLE CATEGORIES: Keep track of where your money is going with categories.

PHOTOGRAPH RECEIPTS: Add a photo to your transaction records, photograph receipts or what you purchased.

CURRENCY SUPPORT: Support for 14 currencies including the Dollar, Euro, Pound, Yen

PASSWORD PROTECTION: You can set a password and lock QuickBank to keep your information private.

BUILT IN ONLINE HELP: View the online help guide directly from the QuickBank application whenever you need instructions!

IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT UPDATING: To ensure a smooth update with any iPhone software, please turn off the iPhone and start it fresh before downloading the update. Allow the program to finish updating before doing anything else with the iPhone.

QuickBank Checking and Personal Finance ***SALE***QuickBank Checking and Personal Finance ***SALE***QuickBank Checking and Personal Finance ***SALE***QuickBank Checking and Personal Finance ***SALE***QuickBank Checking and Personal Finance ***SALE***


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