Beer Pad

Beer Pad$2.99 from App Shop, LLC Beer Pad

Beer Pad is the iPhone app for the fine beer aficionado.  Once you install Beer Pad, you will always have your beer notes with you; right on your iPhone.  Beer Pad goes beyond the traditional paper notebook full of tasting notes.

With Beer Pad you can:
– Record your thoughts about the beers you try
– Rate the beers you try
– Take a picture of the bottle for future reference
– Look up beers that you have tried in the past

Beer Pad will also:
– Email your tasting notes
– Remember the beers that you really liked (or disliked)
– Let you browse your favorite beers by style, brewery and pairing
– Allow you to search through your notes by beer name

Like the idea of Beer Pad but want a tasting notes journal for something else? Try our premium app “Tasting Notes”. Tasting Notes comes pre-loaded with wine, beer, whiskey, cigar, tea and coffee tasting notes journals.

Tasting Notes also lets you design your very own tasting notes journals.

Check out Tasting Notes on the App Store!

Beer PadBeer PadBeer PadBeer PadBeer Pad

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