Caddy.Me$29.99 from IntelligentMobiles Caddy.Me

Distance Finder and Scorecard

How far is the green? In yards or meters?!

How far is it to the next obstacle? Caddy.Me knows the answer!

How far is it from the next obstacle to the green? Caddy.Me will help out!

It works on any golf course in the world!

Does Caddy.Me work on my golf course? It’s very likely that it will – Caddy.Me works on any golf course in the world where you have GPS reception and an internet connection.

Now with a simple scorecard!

Flo´s Weblog: “And I have to say: It’s really precise!”

PCmagazine: “Having no course markers to work with, Omaro estimated the yardage in at 150 yards. Caddy.Me gave me a much better read of 170. That would have saved me a stroke for sure.”

You’re playing golf and the next hole is a par 5 with a dogleg right. A bunker and a water obstacle guard the kink to the right. Does the stroke go directly over the obstacles to the green?

Caddy.Me will show you your position. Move the map until the center of the crosshairs is over the desired target. Press the red flag and the display will show the distance.

How far is it to the next bunker? Caddy.Me will answer your question if you zoom in to the map (double tap with one finger!).

Should you choose your landing zone to the left of the obstacles or directly between them? That depends on the distance of the next stroke – wouldn’t it be nice if you knew the distance from the bunker to the target? Zoom out (two finger tap!) and move the positioning pin to the bunker and the crosshairs to the green. Press the red flag again – and Caddy.Me will show you the distance.

Scorecard: Enter the names of the players, even with their handicaps and the number of strokes for each hole. Your data will remain stored even if you leave the app. You can write over the data at any time or you can completely erase the entries.

Caddy.Me is a distances measuring device which uses the Iphone GPS function to determine actual positions. It uses Google maps to determine the distance to the green (or other targets). A satellite image will show you your position. You can move the position marker (for example closer to a tree) if you don’t receive the exact position. This will then appear on the display when you press the red flag. Now move the red flag to the green or to another target. The display will show the distance.

You don’t have to wait for your favorite spot to appear in the database or even use a tool to recreate the location.

Caddy.MeCaddy.MeCaddy.MeCaddy.MeCaddy.Me startet die AppStore Oster-Rabatt-Aktion
Nach dem der Valentinstagsaktion folgt jetzt ein Easter Special: Bei haben sich unter der Schirmherrschaft von Holger Frank und Werner Hoier iPhoneentwickler zusammen getan, die jetzt am 11. und 12.


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