Excuse Me

March 16, 2009

Excuse Me$0.99 from Thomas Schober Excuse Me

If you have any trouble with this application, please contact me first, before you write a review.
Good reviews are always welcome.

Available in ENGLISH and GERMAN

After the last update this programm increased up to more than 180 english and more than 200 german excuses.
“It’s incredible!!!”

Did you forget your homework?
Are you to late?
Dont want to work today?
Have to apologize?

This programm helps you to find an excuse for any situation.
Because of the new Design, its much easier and faster to control.
Choose a “Main-Category” and a “Sub-Category” and get an excuse.

This Application includes over 200 german and over 180 english excuses for different situations as school, business or private and will be getting more and more.

These Excuses are funny, original and professional.

If you bought this programm, don’t hesitate to send a review. It’s important to make this application better.


Seit dem letzten Update besitzt dieses Programm über 180 englische und über 200 deutsche Ausreden.
“Es ist unglaublich!!!”

Wer kennt das nicht, man vergisst seine Hausaufgaben oder kommt zu spät zur Schule.
Man muss sich auf der Arbeit für die Verspätung rechtfertigen oder hat keine Lust zu arbeiten.

In allen diesen Fällen bedarf es einer guten Ausrede, die dieses Programm für Sie erstellt.

Das Programm besitzt über 200 deutsche und über 180 englische Ausreden für verschiedene Situationen und wird kontinuierlich erweitert werden.

Die Ausreden sind ebenso originell und lustig wie professionell.

Auch für ein paar Lacher unter Freunden ist gesorgt.

Wenn Sie das Programm gekauft haben, zögern Sie nicht eine Rezension einzuschicken.
Nur durch konstruktive Kritik lässt sich das Programm verbessern.

Excuse MeExcuse MeExcuse Me

Gratis apps i en begrænset periode på AppStore – 0504
Anti Reality Deluxe $.99. Anti Reality Deluxe $.99. . Fart Shaker $.99. Fart Shaker $.99. Fart Shaker Ultimate Sound Box is now available on AppStore!


March 16, 2009

i-Finder$0.99 from Totus Pty Ltd i-Finder

Are you looking for an easy and simple, but more functional application showing your current location with your street address on the full screen? (✔ iPhone3G recommended due to GPS functionality.)

i-Finder is the program designed for finding and sharing your location with just a single tap or drag pinpoint on the map and sending it through e-mail easily on the screen to someone you want.

1. NEW Street Address: Showing your current address(address, street name, state, zip, country) on the map.
2. Edit location: Allow editing location before sending email through drag pinpoint on the map.
3. One Touch, Find Me: Just a tap on i-Finder will show you where you are.
4. Tired with small map? Easy Zoom In and Out: You can see easily the surroundings in detail. Zoom in and out with your fingers.
5. Convenient Viewing in Portrait or Landscape mode: View in portrait or landscape mode fits automatically to the iPhone screen.
6. Enjoy Wider View: There is nothing interrupts your view on the screen. When you touch the screen, available options appears on the screen a moment and fade away so that you can have full view of map on the screen.
7. Send E-mail, No More Description: You don’t need describe the location you want to let someone know. You can share your location through a tap on the e-mail button on the screen.
8. Same map view and zoom level view in the email link: The recipient can see the same map view and zoom level.

More Features:
✓ Latitude, longitude, and altitude with accuracy of your current location.
✓ Three different view modes – street map, Satellite and Hybrid – in Google maps view.
✓ i-Finder updates latitude, longitude, altitude and accuracy in real time when i-Finder works on. To update map data, you need double taps.
✓ In most cases, i-Finder automatically disables iPhone’s auto-lock while it is running.

✹ This application works best on the iPhone 3G, which has a built-in GPS chipset. Accuracy of the location is depending on certain factors, strength of GPS signal, you are inside or outside and you use 3G iPhone or 2G iPhone or iPod Touch.
✹ If you are using 3G iPhone outside and you will get the best accuracy in about 5-10 seconds. However If you think, your location is not correct on the map, edit your location through drag pinpoint or just shake your iPhone.

✤✤ Please contact us support@totus.com.au if you encounter any problems or other difficulties. We are committed to making the best app on the App store. All reported issues will be fixed in the next update.



March 16, 2009

SoccerInfo$0.99 from Ram Nelakantan SoccerInfo

Are you addicted to Soccer? If you are, then you have come to the right
place. SoccerInfo brings the latest news about Soccer as it is happening right
to your iPhone/iPod Touch now. You don’t need to wait for the morning news to
read about your favorite team, players and match updates. Just pick up your iPhone/iPod Touch and it instantly delivers all the latest news and results in the Soccer world. Now you can really brag to your friends that you are the greatest Soccer fan ever!

Features include:
– Works with EDGE/3G/Wifi
– Choose how many items you would like to display on your application
– Choose your information from top websites in the Soccer World!
– Want to share the information that you read, yes you can by emailing the
link to any of your friends.

New features include:
– Many more websites for you to choose from
– Able to maintain your chosen website in the settings page and loads your favorite website information during startup.
– Now you can read the full story inside the application


Top 100s by Year

March 16, 2009

Top 100s by Year$1.99 from nuTsie Top 100s by Year

UPDATED: now with the Top 100 songs for 2008

This app is also included in the MUSIC MEGAPACK – a collection of 30 music apps, with access to almost 10,000 SONGS. Check it out by doing a search for “nutsie”, or clicking on “All Applications by nuTsie”.

TOP 100s by YEAR
Hear thousands of the greatest songs of all time.

What were the top songs for the year you graduated from high school?

Spin the wheel to find the year you want to hear. Click and listen. View the list to find the #1 song for that year.

These lists aren’t the Billboard charts. Those charts only tell you what was popular at the time. And these lists aren’t based solely on record sales (If they were, you would have to listen to a lot of Michael Bolton . . . not that there’s anything wrong with that).

These are lists of songs that have stood the test of time to become the greatest songs for any given year, from 1950 to 2008. The songs in these lists were chosen and ranked based on their initial and lasting popularity, and on their impact on the overall scope of musical history. Enjoy these greatest songs. And, if you disagree (no one agrees on all of these), then go to our forum and let us know (forums.nutsie.com).

Top 100s by Year requires a connection to a 3G, Edge, or Wi-fi network to stream the music to your iPhone or iPod Touch. It plays the music in shuffle mode much like a web radio station.

Top 100s by YearTop 100s by YearTop 100s by Year

iTunes App Store 有料トップアプリ 08/11/21
08年11月21日付の有料トップアプリを紹介します。FingerPianoが強いですね。 1. FingerPiano. 2. Ocarina. 3. Ace Tennie Online. 4. Moto Chaser. 5. 駅探エクスプレス. 6. Fastlane Street Racing. 7. Fieldrunners. 8. Top 100s by Year. 9. i英辞郎

iTunes App Store 有料トップアプリ 08/11/20
iTunes Store (App Store) 有料トップアプリケーション 08年11月20日付 を紹介します。 1. Finger Piano. 2. Moto Chaser. 3. OCarina. 4. Ace Tennis Online. 5. 駅探エクスプレス. 6. Fastlane Street Racing. 7. ACTPrinter. 8. Top 100s by Year


March 16, 2009

Webcams$1.99 from Tommy Kammerer Webcams

“Webcams” displays up to 6 webcam images at the same time. Tap one of them and a larger version will be displayed. Rotate your iPhone to landscape if you like, tap again to go back.

Of course all webcams are customizable and with the bookmarklet that comes with this app you are able to add any open webcam picture from mobile safari.

All you have to do is clicking a bookmark in safari and the webcam will be added to your webcams app.


Manual for the United States of America

March 16, 2009

Manual for the United States of America$0.99 from Clint Bagwell Consulting Manual for the United States of America

Now with ability to set text size preferences in Settings app!

Whether you need to cram for a History final or just got a new job leading a world superpower, having America’s founding documents close at hand is essential. We combined our free copies of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence along with several other important references into one easy to use application.

-Declaration of Independence
-Articles of Confederation
-U.S. Constitution
-Federalist Papers
-Bios of Supreme Court Justices
-Washington’s Farewell Address
-Emancipation Proclamation
-Lincoln’s 2nd Inaugural Address
-Gettysburg Address
-United Nations Charter
-Censure of Joseph McCarthy
-1963 Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
-1964 Civil Rights Act
-Indian Bill of Rights
-2001 Patriot Act
-Opinions from selected landmark Supreme Court cases
-List of U.S. Presidents
-List of U.S. States
-Elected President, Senate, House, State Governors info
-US Flag Code and image/measurement guide

Interested in other documents like this? Look for our other apps: Geneva (free), US Armed Forces ($.99), and International Diplomacy ($.99)

Manual for the United States of AmericaManual for the United States of AmericaManual for the United States of AmericaManual for the United States of AmericaManual for the United States of America

Our Favorite iPhone Apps for Lawyers–ABA TECHSHOW 2009 Edition
What happens when four lawyers from diverse practices and backgrounds get together to discuss how each uses their iPhone to improve their productivity and reduce a few of life’s frustrations? You get a great list of iPhone apps that are

Manual for the United States of America
Manual I previously reviewed an app from Clint Bagwell Consulting called Constitution for iPhone. That company has a few more reference texts for the iPhone, including one that the author calls Manual for the United States of America.

[News] Featured in App Store 2008.11.17
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Legends: Star Spirit

March 16, 2009

Legends: Star Spirit$1.99 from ZappTek Legends: Star Spirit

Legends brings you: STAR SPIRIT by Robert E Vardeman.

Emperor Wah faces destruction of his kingdom by a Mongol horde. His only hope is a desperate mission led by Prince Nang to find the invincible dragon sword and turn it against the invaders.

But dragons do not easily yield their precious weapons, as the Prince quickly learns. The kingdom’s fate falls to a common soldier whose only weapons are his honor and trust in a peasant girl.

STAR SPIRIT is a story of magical battles, loyalty and love in the time of the Chinese Dynasties.

– 40 pages in reader
– double-tap scalable text
– triple-tap inversion for low-light reading
– portrait & landscape reading, with orientation locking
– opens to your last read page
– easily find more Legends to read via the info page
– includes bookmarks
– add notes to any page
– notes are automatically bookmarked

Legends: Star SpiritLegends: Star SpiritLegends: Star SpiritLegends: Star SpiritLegends: Star Spirit