Foodle$2.99 from Anything Honest Foodle

* Demonstration versions of Foodle are now available on iPhone 3G floor models in Apple Stores worldwide. Please visit your local store and have a look! *

The fastest shopping list in the West.

Foodle’s customers say it best:

“Simple, quick, and easy to use. I tried three other list programs before this, and it’s perfect for me. It’s great for shopping, to-do lists and just keeping track of stuff.”
– Varkias

“The feature that sets [Foodle] above the rest is the “shake to sort”. As you prowl the aisles and tick off each item you just shake the phone and the ticked items go to the bottom, leaving you with the outstanding items at the top. This is a very useful feature and still makes me smile.”
– Geoff

“Foodle is now my only list app.”
– Cindy

Foodle’s features:
– Location-aware shopping / grocery lists
– Create multiple lists with overviews and custom titles
– List sharing via eMail featuring one-touch list import
– Shake-to-sort orders your list with the flick of a wrist
– Instant suggestions speed item entry

Enjoy making lists at the speed of thought and grocery shopping as easy as a shake.



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