i-Finder$0.99 from Totus Pty Ltd i-Finder

Are you looking for an easy and simple, but more functional application showing your current location with your street address on the full screen? (✔ iPhone3G recommended due to GPS functionality.)

i-Finder is the program designed for finding and sharing your location with just a single tap or drag pinpoint on the map and sending it through e-mail easily on the screen to someone you want.

1. NEW Street Address: Showing your current address(address, street name, state, zip, country) on the map.
2. Edit location: Allow editing location before sending email through drag pinpoint on the map.
3. One Touch, Find Me: Just a tap on i-Finder will show you where you are.
4. Tired with small map? Easy Zoom In and Out: You can see easily the surroundings in detail. Zoom in and out with your fingers.
5. Convenient Viewing in Portrait or Landscape mode: View in portrait or landscape mode fits automatically to the iPhone screen.
6. Enjoy Wider View: There is nothing interrupts your view on the screen. When you touch the screen, available options appears on the screen a moment and fade away so that you can have full view of map on the screen.
7. Send E-mail, No More Description: You don’t need describe the location you want to let someone know. You can share your location through a tap on the e-mail button on the screen.
8. Same map view and zoom level view in the email link: The recipient can see the same map view and zoom level.

More Features:
✓ Latitude, longitude, and altitude with accuracy of your current location.
✓ Three different view modes – street map, Satellite and Hybrid – in Google maps view.
✓ i-Finder updates latitude, longitude, altitude and accuracy in real time when i-Finder works on. To update map data, you need double taps.
✓ In most cases, i-Finder automatically disables iPhone’s auto-lock while it is running.

✹ This application works best on the iPhone 3G, which has a built-in GPS chipset. Accuracy of the location is depending on certain factors, strength of GPS signal, you are inside or outside and you use 3G iPhone or 2G iPhone or iPod Touch.
✹ If you are using 3G iPhone outside and you will get the best accuracy in about 5-10 seconds. However If you think, your location is not correct on the map, edit your location through drag pinpoint or just shake your iPhone.

✤✤ Please contact us support@totus.com.au if you encounter any problems or other difficulties. We are committed to making the best app on the App store. All reported issues will be fixed in the next update.



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