Top 100s by Year

Top 100s by Year$1.99 from nuTsie Top 100s by Year

UPDATED: now with the Top 100 songs for 2008

This app is also included in the MUSIC MEGAPACK – a collection of 30 music apps, with access to almost 10,000 SONGS. Check it out by doing a search for “nutsie”, or clicking on “All Applications by nuTsie”.

TOP 100s by YEAR
Hear thousands of the greatest songs of all time.

What were the top songs for the year you graduated from high school?

Spin the wheel to find the year you want to hear. Click and listen. View the list to find the #1 song for that year.

These lists aren’t the Billboard charts. Those charts only tell you what was popular at the time. And these lists aren’t based solely on record sales (If they were, you would have to listen to a lot of Michael Bolton . . . not that there’s anything wrong with that).

These are lists of songs that have stood the test of time to become the greatest songs for any given year, from 1950 to 2008. The songs in these lists were chosen and ranked based on their initial and lasting popularity, and on their impact on the overall scope of musical history. Enjoy these greatest songs. And, if you disagree (no one agrees on all of these), then go to our forum and let us know (

Top 100s by Year requires a connection to a 3G, Edge, or Wi-fi network to stream the music to your iPhone or iPod Touch. It plays the music in shuffle mode much like a web radio station.

Top 100s by YearTop 100s by YearTop 100s by Year

iTunes App Store 有料トップアプリ 08/11/21
08年11月21日付の有料トップアプリを紹介します。FingerPianoが強いですね。 1. FingerPiano. 2. Ocarina. 3. Ace Tennie Online. 4. Moto Chaser. 5. 駅探エクスプレス. 6. Fastlane Street Racing. 7. Fieldrunners. 8. Top 100s by Year. 9. i英辞郎

iTunes App Store 有料トップアプリ 08/11/20
iTunes Store (App Store) 有料トップアプリケーション 08年11月20日付 を紹介します。 1. Finger Piano. 2. Moto Chaser. 3. OCarina. 4. Ace Tennis Online. 5. 駅探エクスプレス. 6. Fastlane Street Racing. 7. ACTPrinter. 8. Top 100s by Year


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