iFire$0.99 from Chillingo Ltd iFire

The ultimate app for fire worshippers everywhere!

v3.2 has been submitted – memory utilisation halved

Quite literallty the hottest app on the iPhone or iPod Touch, which includes not 1 but 4 infinitely looping real fires!

Choose from :

1. Slow burning conventional fire – watch your screen heat up!
2. Fast burning flame!
3. Flaming fireball – just like your favourite fancy films
4. Spinning catherine wheel of flames

You can also set the default fire through the system settings application. When you switch on the application, it will immediately turn on the fire of your desire!

From v3.1 onwards, ‘Tapping to switch iFire consecutively’ mechanism has been replaced with ‘Swiping screen to select any iFire based on JogWheel selection’ – Please refer to screenshots.

No match is required! iFire is safe to use for people of all ages – can be used in and out of doors

All future upgrades are free!

iFire is developed and published by Chillingo Ltd.



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