Relax Alarm Clock

Relax Alarm Clock$4.99 from Mobile App Center Relax Alarm Clock

Relax Alarm is formerly known as Tranquil Alarm and is the exact same product. Tranquil Alarm will now be known as Relax Alarm.

Tranquil Alarm (Relax Alarm) Deserves a Resounding Yes!
9/10 rating.

Tired of waking up to the frightening sound of a traditional alarm? Want a peaceful break from your busy schedule or work day? Use your iPhone to create a soothing ambiance environment when you wake up, throughout your day, and when you fall asleep.

New in version 3.1: 64 total sounds! That’s 64 sounds of nature, instruments, and other soothing sounds to wake up to and relax to. Some are short play and some are long play sounds, but all are looped to provide endless sound generation.

• WAKE UP – Alarm function with 12 and 24 hour format, 6 fonts, and 9 color selections. Choose from 64 sounds.
• RELAX and FALL ASLEEP – Listen to the preloaded sounds or your recorded sounds at any time, and set the built-in timer to play for any length of time to the minute.
• RECORD – Set the alarm sound to your voice, your pet, your children laughing, or any other sound pattern that you record directly from within the app with crystal clear playback. Use Relax Alarm to create the ambiance and relaxing environment that you deserve.

• DIMMER – avoid the “flashlight effect” in your room during the night.
• All audio sounds FADE IN and FADE OUT
• Clock screen items FADE TO BLACK when not in use
• HIGHLY VISIBLE colored alarm buttons
• ALARM SWITCH on the main clock screen

Match your mood with 64 included sounds such as these: (visit for the full list)

• Acoustic Guitar
• Chinese Bamboo Flute
• Beach Waves
• Birds in the Park
• Crying Bamboo Flute
• Dream
• Forest Rain
• Jungle Stream
• Latin Guitar
• Mountain Sounds
• Rooster
• Soft Piano
• Soothing Night
• Thunderstorm
• The Country
• Tibetan Bowl
• White Noise
• Wind Chimes
• Wind in the Trees

Technical Notes:

1. Relax Alarm, like any other app on the App Store, cannot run in the background. So Relax Alarm must be running for you to listen to Relax sounds or for the alarm to sound.

2. Don’t worry, all incoming phone calls, reminders, and other notifications will still appear even with Relax Alarm running.

3. We recommend that you plug your iPhone/iPod Touch into a power source at night. However, if you must run on battery, please press the standby button (at the top of your device) to turn off the screen to save power. As long as Relax Alarm is running (see #1 above) the alarm will sound whether the screen is on or off.


Relax Alarm ClockRelax Alarm ClockRelax Alarm ClockRelax Alarm ClockRelax Alarm Clock


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