Sleep Therapist

Sleep Therapist$9.99 from Andras Kovacs Sleep Therapist

Sleep Therapist analyzes your sleep patterns: you will see when and for how long time you were in deep sleep and when you were rolling around. Background noises are visualized also, so you may check if and how they affect your sleep.
SleepTherapist also includes a bio-ergonomic alarm clock. Set the alarm time when you need to wake up, and set the earliest time when alarm should start (e.g. half hour earlier). If you are just rolling around in the bed between earliest and target time, the alarm will start and your time is not wasted in bed. You will gain more active time, and sleep better the following night.
Place iPhone besides your pillow before going to sleep – you may put it to Airplane mode if you want to ensure no electromagnetic waves. Connect to charger and set auto-lock state to ‘Never’. Use your time in bed wisely!

Sleep TherapistSleep Therapist


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