Touch4: FS5

Touch4: FS5$1.99 from FlipSide5, Inc. Touch4: FS5

Touch4 is the easiest to use and most fun 4-in-a-row game on the planet!!

– Multi-player support over the INTERNET via WiFi, EDGE or 3G!
– Multi-player WiFi support over your WiFi LOCAL NETWORK!
– Send Instant Messages to your opponent
– 3 board sizes and 3 computer levels
– Undo, Hint and see Last Move Made supported!
– Saves wins and losses against every opponent including network and internet opponents!
– Accelerometer support; turn upside-down and watch the chips fall out the top!
– Auto-save feature to answer a phone call or check email during a game!
– See the country where your internet opponent is playing!
– Great graphics, sounds and user interface!!

Connect the same four color chips in a row to win. Play multiple levels and be challenged playing this game or play against a friend.

– Make a move my tapping on a column or dragging a chip from the top into the board.
– All your wins and losses for each opponent (device, network, internet or AI levels) is displayed in the player detail screen

Other Features:
– MUCH improved performance for EDGE and 3G networks.
– Opponent’s name is displayed for Internet and Network games.
– Automatically adds opponent for Internet and Network games.
– Much, much improved help

Touch4: FS5Touch4: FS5Touch4: FS5Touch4: FS5Touch4: FS5


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