Covered Call

March 18, 2009

Covered Call$4.99 from Objectorium, Inc Covered Call

Covered Call is a calculator for Covered Call option strategy. For a given underlying stock the application quotes 20 minute delayed bid/ask for closest ITM and OTM (grayed out in version 1.1) calls and calculates covered call debit and yield to strike for all available expirations, conveniently presenting the result on a single screen. Tap on any quote to price another covered call.

We do appreciate your positive feedback (as long as it is positive 🙂 and constructive). Since version 1.1 one could add underlies to favorites (nor more typing “each time”). Deeper calls would come with the next version.

The application is priced well bellow what it would cost to trade the strategy.

Covered CallCovered CallCovered Call

Pinguin Timer

March 18, 2009

Pinguin Timer$0.99 from Markus Stöbe Pinguin Timer

Penguin Timer is a very easy to use application that has only one aim:
To make your life simpler!

And besides: there is a cute Penguin you wont ever get with the build-in timer of your iPod or iPhone!

With Penguin Timer you can easily store up to three different times for differenst sorts of tea. After you start the application you can choose your favourite tea and the cute little penguin will start counting the time until you tea is ready. So you need only two taps to start timing.

But wait! There’s more!

Why use two taps when you could do the same with only ONE tap?

If you primarily just drink one sort of tea you can enable the quickstart-feature in the settings to automagically start the timer with the first tea selected once you start the app.

The Penguin may also be your fellow compangion watching the time while you do your cardio or fitness workout.

Boiling an egg?
Pizza is in the oven?
Your gourmet steak is on the grill?
Taking a sunbath in your Bikini?
Doing some pilates, meditation or Yoga?
Letting the kids stay up for another 30 Minutes?

Don’t forget to tell the Penguin! There are literally thousands of occasions where a timer comes in handy! And then your cute little friend is there for you.

And besides that: Did I allready mention the cute penguin…? Just checking! 🙂

Pinguin TimerPinguin TimerPinguin TimerPinguin TimerPinguin Timer

VFCaller (T9 Dialer)

March 18, 2009

VFCaller (T9 Dialer)$0.99 from Marco Jacovone VFCaller (T9 Dialer)

VFCaller (Very Fast Caller) allows you to search for contacts in your address book in a very quick way, very similar to T9 ™ system!

By typing the numbers in the virtual keypad in the corresponding letters of the (last) name of the person, the application proposes the contacts that correspond to the sequence of typed keystrokes.

Two or three touches are almost always enough to find the contact, even in very large adress books! Try it!


– Automatic (or manual) reindexing of contact’s database, even on database changes
– Very fast contact seeking (by lastname, name, company)
– List of contact numbers with photos
– Configuration of sound effects and “Call Immediately” mode in system settings, this mode enable the automatic call of a contact if it’s the only one in current list
– System Contact panel access
– configurable last calls management
– Diacritical characters recognized
– Alphabetical order of searched items
– Great user interface!
– System Contact panel access
– Remove last call feature (also remove individually)
– Clear digits on shake (configurable)
– Now you can modifiy contacts informations
– Now you can send SMS message and emails

VFCaller (T9 Dialer)VFCaller (T9 Dialer)VFCaller (T9 Dialer)

VFCaller (Very Fast Caller) consente di cercare i contatti nella vostra rubrica in maniera estremamente veloce! Toccaando i pulsanti della tastiera virtuale in maniera corrisponsente alle lettere associate al nome o al cognome del

VFCaller: il T9 per la rubrica dell’iPhone
VFCaller, disponibile gratuitamente per un periodo limitato, consente di ricercare i propri contatti utilizzando una classica tastiera “da cellulare” con T9 implementato. Nome: VFCaller. Prezzo: gratis (limitato). Dimensione: 400 Kb.

VFCaller za darmo
W AppStore znaleźć możecie ciekawą aplikację, pozwalającą na wyszukiwanie kontaktów bezpośrednio z klawiszy telefonu. Najlepsze jest to, że twórcy udostępnili swoje dzieło za darmo (na tydzień)! Po mimo wad warte jest tej ceny Polecam i

Intervista a Marco Jacovone creatore di ShopNotes e VFCaller per
Marco Jacovone si presenta agli users di iPhone and Go. Un imprenditore Romano, che della sua passione ne ha fatto una professione. Se dovessi definirlo mi verrebbe da dire semplice: semplice come molti di noi potremmo essere,

Chronology – Timer

March 18, 2009

Chronology - Timer$2.99 from Treeness, LLC Chronology - Timer

Chronology lets you run multiple timers simultaneously. But, unlike many multi-timers or multi-stopwatches, it also lets you view and control several timers at the same time.

You can create up to 12 separate timers that can be started, paused, and reset individually or as a group. Timers can count upwards indefinitely or count downwards from a specified time. Once a timer reaches that specified time, it continues counting down so that you know how much time has passed since the countdown finished.

Each timer can play a customizable alert sound at the end of a countdown that can play up to 30 times (about 2 minutes).

You can exit Chronology and when you return, the timers will still be running. Currently, third-party apps cannot run in the background so Chronology can only sound an alarm when it’s running. But as long as it’s running, alarms will work when the screen is locked and sound is enabled.

Chronology offers advanced features like saved timer sets, looping timers, and timer confirmation to prevent you from accidentally stopping or starting timers.

Chronology is designed to be streamlined and hassle-free even when providing those advanced features. It’s a multi-timer that’s fast and easy to use.

Please feel free to send questions, comments, and suggestions to

If you’d like to try Chronology before buying, please try Chronolite for Free.

Chronology - TimerChronology - TimerChronology - TimerChronology - TimerChronology - Timer

Wide Email

March 18, 2009

Wide Email$0.99 from LizzardWerks Wide Email

NOTE: This version (3.1) fixes the problem with sending long emails, which was mentioned in some critical reviews. You can now send very long emails without a problem, as before, including any saved drafts.


Quickly write whole words or phrases by typing only one or two letters. For example, when you type “cu”, the phrase “see you later” is automatically inserted.

Similar to AutoType on the BlackBerry, AutoText in Microsoft Word, and typing macros in various desktop programs.

• Customize your shortcuts by adding, changing, or deleting a virtually unlimited number of shortcuts

• Use shortcuts to insert single words, sentences, or entire paragraphs

• Shortcuts can insert multiple lines. For example, “adr” could insert your whole 3-line mailing address. Enables shortcuts to insert multiple paragraphs.


You can use Wide Email to post new tweets to your Twitter account through Twitterrific. Writing tweets is faster and easier using the landscape keyboard, which Twitterrific doesn’t provide. You can also use all the typing shortcuts you’ve created!

(You must download and install Twitterrific on your iPhone or iPod touch for this to work. The basic version is free in the App Store.)



• Use wider, horizontal “landscape” keyboard to write emails

• Works for replying to emails from Mail, including reply all (see below)

• Works perfectly with accented characters (é, ü, etc) and non-Latin characters such as Japanese, Chinese, Russian, and Korean, as well as the ampersand character (&)

• Turn phone to any orientation (even upside down!) and interface rotates

• Save drafts to finish later — great for writing long emails to friends

• Automatically saves copies of sent emails, just in case

• Automatically saves drafts if program is interrupted, e.g. by home key

• View more of your message at once while typing: subject line moved into top bar, and iPhone status bar hidden when in landscape mode.

• Drafts in the auto-saved, “sent drafts” list can now be deleted one at a time as well as all at once.


Write emails and post tweets to your Twitter account using the wider, landscape keyboard, which is easier and faster to type on than the vertical keyboard in Mail. Compose quick emails — or long letters to distant friends — while holding the phone sideways. The horizontal keyboard has wider keys that are easier to see and to hit, even for people with big thumbs.

Also good for writing longer notes to yourself, or for jotting down part of a story, paper, or article when inspiration strikes, then emailing the text to yourself.

You still must send the email through the built-in Mail program. Just tap “Send to Mail”, add recipients, and send. To reply (or reply all) to emails in Mail, first choose reply from within Mail, and when the compose window comes up, quit Mail by pressing the home key. Open Wide Email and write your reply in a new draft with an empty subject line. When you tap “Send to Mail”, your message will be inserted into the reply email, ready to send!

Wide EmailWide EmailWide EmailWide EmailWide Email

SaiSuke (Google Calendar™ Sync)

March 18, 2009

SaiSuke (Google Calendar™ Sync)$9.99 from Mobile Saysoft,Inc. SaiSuke (Google Calendar™ Sync)

Welcome to SaiSuke! SaiSuke is schedule management software for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

SaiSuke has various view modes allowing you to see your calendars in a daily, weekly, or yearly views. You can get a perspective schedule for the month using the monthly view, which allows you to see appointment titles in a monthly styled calendar.

When creating and editing an appointment you can select a type from a list of previously entered titles. SaiSuke holds titles and locations that you have previously used without the need to re-type them.

Synchronize with Google Calendar™:
SaiSuke database can be synchronized with Google Calendar™. You can modify events in your Google Calendar™ via wireless.

Calendar styles and font sizes can be customized so your calendars look the way you want them too.

Easy operation:
You can use the flick gesture to move to the next or previous month’s pages. Allowing you to easily browse your schedule with your thumb.

Enjoy happy iPhone/iPod Touch life with SaiSuke!

Warning: SaiSuke will not synchronize with iPhone Calendar database.

There are options to setup synchronization between iCal/Outlook and Google Calendar™. Once you setup synchronization between iCal/Outlook and Google Calendar™, you can have the appointments on SaiSuke as well. Please find the details in FAQ page on our support Site.

DO NOT delete the old version of SaiSuke on your iPhone or iPod Touch, as this will erase any data you have entered. When you upgrading, please install the update over the existing installation.

You can back up your data with SaiSuke’s ‘Backup’ feature. This allows you to recover from unexpected data loss.

###### ATTENTION PLEASE ######
To enable Google Calendar™ Sync Buttons, you DO need to setup Login info into SaiSuke. Please find the procedure on our support Site FAQ page.

When you get the Server error message during the sync, please try to turn the radio off, then turn the radio on.
– In iPhone’s setting, turn the ‘Airplain Mode’ ON, then turn it OFF.
– Wait for a while until network connection back.
– Run SaiSuke and sync

SaiSuke (Google Calendar™ Sync)SaiSuke (Google Calendar™ Sync)SaiSuke (Google Calendar™ Sync)SaiSuke (Google Calendar™ Sync)SaiSuke (Google Calendar™ Sync)


March 18, 2009

WhoopieCushion$0.00 from GrunewaldDev WhoopieCushion

Whoopie Cushion takes the classic toy and allows it to go with you wherever you are. Now you can make sure that you and your friends are entertained. A simple tap on the image, deflates and makes a farting noise at random.

Everytime you press the Whoopee Cushion you can watch it deflate and wait for one of the random fart noises to entertain you and everyone around you.

Enjoy this simple, free fart machine applications. There is no reason you should need to pay to have fun making fart noises with your friends, so use this and enjoy yourself.

Now Featuring a brand new Land Mine Mode: Press “Land Mine” and your phone awaits movement to set of the next fart. Screen turns black while waiting, even sitting next to the phone could make this feature work.

If you are having sound troubles, WhoopieCushion currently will not work when the phone is on vibrate. If that does not work contact for more support.