Pinguin Timer

Pinguin Timer$0.99 from Markus Stöbe Pinguin Timer

Penguin Timer is a very easy to use application that has only one aim:
To make your life simpler!

And besides: there is a cute Penguin you wont ever get with the build-in timer of your iPod or iPhone!

With Penguin Timer you can easily store up to three different times for differenst sorts of tea. After you start the application you can choose your favourite tea and the cute little penguin will start counting the time until you tea is ready. So you need only two taps to start timing.

But wait! There’s more!

Why use two taps when you could do the same with only ONE tap?

If you primarily just drink one sort of tea you can enable the quickstart-feature in the settings to automagically start the timer with the first tea selected once you start the app.

The Penguin may also be your fellow compangion watching the time while you do your cardio or fitness workout.

Boiling an egg?
Pizza is in the oven?
Your gourmet steak is on the grill?
Taking a sunbath in your Bikini?
Doing some pilates, meditation or Yoga?
Letting the kids stay up for another 30 Minutes?

Don’t forget to tell the Penguin! There are literally thousands of occasions where a timer comes in handy! And then your cute little friend is there for you.

And besides that: Did I allready mention the cute penguin…? Just checking! 🙂

Pinguin TimerPinguin TimerPinguin TimerPinguin TimerPinguin Timer


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