VFCaller (T9 Dialer)

VFCaller (T9 Dialer)$0.99 from Marco Jacovone VFCaller (T9 Dialer)

VFCaller (Very Fast Caller) allows you to search for contacts in your address book in a very quick way, very similar to T9 ™ system!

By typing the numbers in the virtual keypad in the corresponding letters of the (last) name of the person, the application proposes the contacts that correspond to the sequence of typed keystrokes.

Two or three touches are almost always enough to find the contact, even in very large adress books! Try it!


– Automatic (or manual) reindexing of contact’s database, even on database changes
– Very fast contact seeking (by lastname, name, company)
– List of contact numbers with photos
– Configuration of sound effects and “Call Immediately” mode in system settings, this mode enable the automatic call of a contact if it’s the only one in current list
– System Contact panel access
– configurable last calls management
– Diacritical characters recognized
– Alphabetical order of searched items
– Great user interface!
– System Contact panel access
– Remove last call feature (also remove individually)
– Clear digits on shake (configurable)
– Now you can modifiy contacts informations
– Now you can send SMS message and emails

VFCaller (T9 Dialer)VFCaller (T9 Dialer)VFCaller (T9 Dialer)

VFCaller (Very Fast Caller) consente di cercare i contatti nella vostra rubrica in maniera estremamente veloce! Toccaando i pulsanti della tastiera virtuale in maniera corrisponsente alle lettere associate al nome o al cognome del

VFCaller: il T9 per la rubrica dell’iPhone
VFCaller, disponibile gratuitamente per un periodo limitato, consente di ricercare i propri contatti utilizzando una classica tastiera “da cellulare” con T9 implementato. Nome: VFCaller. Prezzo: gratis (limitato). Dimensione: 400 Kb.

VFCaller za darmo
W AppStore znaleźć możecie ciekawą aplikację, pozwalającą na wyszukiwanie kontaktów bezpośrednio z klawiszy telefonu. Najlepsze jest to, że twórcy udostępnili swoje dzieło za darmo (na tydzień)! Po mimo wad warte jest tej ceny Polecam i

Intervista a Marco Jacovone creatore di ShopNotes e VFCaller per
Marco Jacovone si presenta agli users di iPhone and Go. Un imprenditore Romano, che della sua passione ne ha fatto una professione. Se dovessi definirlo mi verrebbe da dire semplice: semplice come molti di noi potremmo essere,


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