Fairy Tales

March 19, 2009

Fairy Tales$0.99 from Readdle Fairy Tales

Folk and fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm, Charles Perrault, and Hans Christian Andersen. You can read these stories to your kids when they are going to sleep or just to spent a bit time with princesses, magic, and various fabulous creatures!

Have you ever wondered what is the real Cinderella story, why Sleeping Beauty is actually asleep, who has defeated Snow Queen? You will find all answers within these wonderful books.

Filled with masterful detail all these fairy tales provide the most joyful reading for kids and their parents. You will never get tired of reading fairy tales!

“The Master Cat, or Puss in Boots” by Charles Perrault
“Cinderella, or the little glass slipper” by Charles Perrault
“The Emperor’s New Clothes” by Hans Christian Andersen
“The Little Mermaid” by Hans Christian Andersen
“Ugly Duckling” by Hans Christian Andersen
“The Brave Tin Soldier” by Hans Christian Andersen
“The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Andersen
“The Frog Prince” by Brothers Grimm
“The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats” by Brothers Grimm
“Rapunzel” by Brothers Grimm
“Hansel and Grethel” by Brothers Grimm
“Little Red-cap” by Brothers Grimm
“The Sleeping Beauty” by Brothers Grimm
“Snow-white” by Brothers Grimm

Fairy Tales

Network Monitor

March 19, 2009

Network Monitor$0.99 from Thoughtbug Software Network Monitor

Ever needed to quickly determine the status of network services? Network Monitor will scan every hostname and port whenever you’d like. It will also scan services every five minutes and emit an alert if a service goes down.

Network MonitorNetwork MonitorNetwork MonitorNetwork Monitor

Network Monitor

March 19, 2009

Network Monitor$0.99 from Thoughtbug Software Network Monitor

Ever needed to quickly determine the status of network services? Network Monitor will scan every hostname and port whenever you’d like. It will also scan services every five minutes and emit an alert if a service goes down.

Network MonitorNetwork MonitorNetwork MonitorNetwork Monitor


March 19, 2009

PixelCross$0.99 from mobileFlavour PixelCross

PixelCross is on sale for a limited time only. Get it now for only $0.99 before it’s bumped back up to $2.99!

PixelCross is a good exercise to your brain! It is a logic puzzle similar to picrosses and nonogram – Solver recreates a hidden picture according to the hints. You starts with an empty grid and use hints to find out the pixel is filled on the grid. The filled pixels will form a picture at the end of the game.

PixelCross is user-friendly and includes
– Level Editor.
– Web Challenge mode.
– 180 games over 5 levels difficulty.
– 4 board size 5×5, 8×8, 12×12, 20×20
– Staff best record
– Save and resume your game at anytime
– Auto-save after you press home button
– Smooth control and zoom function
– Easy navigation in large game board
– Step-by-step tutorial helps you learn the techniques with ease!

PixelCross could be very addicting. Are you ready for the challenge?

Finally a decent picross – fresno205

This is far superior to the other one. First, you have to ability to zoom so you can actually see what your doing. The controls are on the side and it is very easy to switch between type of mark. The interface is very well done and a joy to play. Worth every penny of $3. Highly recommended if you are a fan of this type of puzzle.

An excellent alternative to Picross on the DS – wastedyuthe

This looks really nice (well as nice as a Picross game can look anyway) and plays very well. Unlke another Picross app available, you can drag your finger over the squares to fill them in, rather than having to tap one at a time. There are loads of puzzles available starting from very easy to quite challenging. At last I can sell my DS Picross game (and probably sell my DS at this rate too!). Well done to the developers.


I love this game. It’s the best puzzle game, ever!!

Thank you very much!


A typical example of the many symmetrical puzzles. This is a very polished, highly playable version of Picross. It looks nice, it plays nice, and it has many puzzles. Unfortunately there is one big issue with it that stops it from


March 19, 2009

Drivers$0.99 from Ambertation Drivers

Drivers is the odometer, gas, service and expenses log for all your vehicles – all on the iPhone or iPod touch.

Besides being a drivers log, you can keep track of your gas consumption, cost and service inspections or other expenses. What you gain is an exact overview of your costs and mileage.

Drivers will present the data you record in various ways. You can access per trip statistics and graphs as well as overall informations and diagrams about each car you manage.

The Best thing – It takes six click to setup Drivers and add your first trip. An Waypoint/Trip is added with just two clicks and a spin on the wheel once the six click setup is done.

– Supports multiple Vehicles
– Stores multiple Waypoints per Trip
– Each waypoint stores the date, a description, any notes you would like to take and the odometer value
– Mark trips as private or business
– Store gas or service stops for each waypoint as well as other expenses (like tolls)
– Drivers allows you to manage templates for recurring trips
– When you drive a longer trip, Drivers will keep track of pause times
– Per trip statistics (gas Consumption, time driven, time paused, cost of the trip, … )
– View consumption and cost statistics for each gas stop
– A wealth of per vehicle statistics (like the total cost per day, or the mileage per day or the gas consumption or … )
– Drivers will warn you 20 days before the next service inspection is due
– You can visualize your data on the iphone in a variety of graphs
– When you have set up a eMail account on your iPhone or iPod touch, you can send the data you entered to your mac or pc and process it with Numbers or Excel
– Support for metric and imperial units
– continuos odometer wheel
– faster scrolling in trip view
– manage up to 31 different kinds of services
– date filter for eMail export
– date filter for the trip view table (if enabled in the settings view)
– deletion of recorded trips/waypoints
– manual available at http://iphone.ambertation.de/drivers/


Christmas Elf Gets You into the Holiday Spirit
christmas elf iphone Looking for a fun game that goes well with the upcoming season? Christmas Elf is easy to pick up, has really nice christmasy music and you can play Santa’s helper in this cute Christmas addition to the App Store.

First Words

March 19, 2009

First Words$1.99 from Clever Coding First Words

First Words helps toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners build their vocabulary. The intuitive controls and dynamic activities will keep children entertained while they learn. The multiple activities use sound effects and animation to keep children returning to the game to learn more.

By simply touching the screen, children can expand their language skills with eight educational activities:
– ABCs
– Animals
– Beach
– Numbers
– Sports
– Fruit
– Colors
– Shapes

When your child touches a picture, the animated screen will zoom in on the selected item and reveal the word. Your child will then hear the word spoken.

Also be sure and check out our “Kid’s Spanish” version of First Words.

For support please email support@clevercoding.com

First WordsFirst WordsFirst WordsFirst WordsFirst Words

Apps On Sale In The App Store on 02/01/2009
This is your daily serving of iPhone and iPod Touch applications on sale. Today, iPhone Download Blog is bringing you the latest apps that are currently on sale in the App Store. Some of them are even free! If you were hesitating about

True Country

March 19, 2009

True Country$0.99 from GoTV Networks True Country

TRUE COUNTRY is your premiere mobile video channel for all the best in country music. Amazing live performances, the hottest new music videos, behind the scenes interviews, new releases and breaking news all in the palm of your hand. TRUE COUNTRY mixes the fresh new faces creating a buzz in country music to the classic pioneers that made this genre of music the kingpin of American Music Culture.

Want to hear exclusively from your favorite artists? Let us take you behind the scenes for exclusive interviews with the biggest names in country. This is also the spot to get all the best new live country performances from your favorite stars right at your fingertips.

TC gives you all the latest dirt and gossip happening in country music in this section. We also give you the 411 on what new music is about to hit shelves along with the hottest new songs and albums making noise on the country charts

Where can you find a healthy mix of brand spankin’ new country videos and all time country classics? Right here on TRUE COUNTRY. This section is updated each week with something new for your music video appetite!!!

True CountryTrue Country