Audio Notes recorder

Audio Notes recorder$2.99 from Petr Jankuj Audio Notes recorder

WITH AUDIO NOTES you can simply and fast record your notes, meetings and lectures. App was designed as your audio notepad so it has the best interface for recording. Because some notes are more important than others, you can change their icon and after that really quick find.

AUDIO NOTES has amazing number of great features, that other recorders don’t have. The most important function is recording immediately after startup so you simply launch app and it starts recording. Other unique function that other recorders don’t have is proximity sensor support. So display turns off, if you have iPhone near to your face.

BECAUSE YOU SOMETIMES need to remind your notes, you can activate alert for your note. You can set date and time and after that date you will be noticed. And if you don’t play this note immediately, you will see small badge on Audio Notes icon, so you always know about your unplayed notes. (NOTE: You will see alert only after launch.)

AND IF YOU WANT TO BACKUP your notes, you can use export function. Export uses WiFi (via FTP) and it’s supported in Mac OS, Windows XP and Windows Vista. And unlike the most of other recorders, this app can also send files by E-MAIL.

—-Recording Features—–
*great recorder
*option to use phone receiver as audio output
*support proximity sensor and accelerometer
*option to record immediately after startup
*option to select audio quality
*support headset microphone
*record also while iPhone is in sleep mode
*app supports external microphones (iPhone&iPod Touch 2G)

—-Playing Features—-
*option to forward or rewind playback
*pause and resume your playback or recording
*unplayed notes are marked
*App shows number of unplayed notes on the home screen.

—-Managing Features—-
*option to add alert – after that note shows bell icon
*option to add text note
*mark as unread function
*option to set maximum recording time
*rename or change icon of your notes, delete all notes
*export your recordings to Mac or PC via FTP
*sending notes by E-MAIL
*automatically find an appropriate Mac in range
*protect your notes with password

—-Language Features—-
*support English, German, French, Spanish, Norwegian, Czech, Italian and Hungarian

Thanks for buying

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Audio Notes recorderAudio Notes recorderAudio Notes recorderAudio Notes recorderAudio Notes recorder


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