Fairway Golf

Fairway Golf$4.99 from WideAsleep, LLC. Fairway Golf

Fairway lets you manage everything about your golf game including bags, clubs, and swings through a single simple interface. It empowers you to evolve your golf swing by making educated measurable improvements to your game.

Fairway is perfect for both new and avid golfers. It provides a simple and attractive interface for finding their ideal swing in any situation. In Fairway, the golfer can quickly slide the golf ball distance meter to enter their distance from the pin and then touch their course location. They will be presented with the club and swing options that best suit the shot. It even highlights the club and swing that ideally fits their situation. They can touch any suggestion from the list to quickly see details and notes they’ve previously entered.

Fairway isn’t a scorecard application … instead, Fairway acts as your virtual caddie allowing you to focus on improving your game by giving you the information you need to make the best club and swing selection. Stop picking clubs at random and aimlessly hitting balls at the range. Get organized and improve your game with Fairway.

Are you an avid golfer? Maybe you are someone who plans their club selection based on course and weather? Are you learning golf and want to improve your game? Do you find yourself at the range spending hours aimlessly hitting balls and then when you’re on the course you don’t remember which club you hit what distance? Are you constantly tweaking your swing or trying new shot shaping techniques? If you answered yes to any of these questions then Fairway is for you.

Version 1.2.0 features include:
• Management of bags, clubs, and swings.
• Customization of distance and length for both English and Metric.
• Custom course locations and easy swing filtering based on location.
• Left hand control inversion.
• Simple club brand and model database to make entering data faster.
• Selection of preferred distance tolerance for making swing recommendations.
• Quick selection of the active bag.
• Filtering and recommendation of potential swings based on distance and course location.
• Quick display of swing and club details.

Fairway GolfFairway GolfFairway GolfFairway GolfFairway Golf


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