iSPINNING™$0.00 from iTMP Technology, Inc. iSPINNING™

♥♡♥ Listen to your heart while you workout ♥♡♥
☞☞☞ Additional Hardware Required ☞☞☞
☖☗☖ “More Cowbell” custom motivator ☖☗☖

Now, for the first time, an iPhone app that listens to your heart while exercising! iSPINNING™ is a Spinning® cardio fitness system that enables you to log your fitness data whether you are on a Spinner®, road or mountain bike.

iSPINNING is compatible with most of the market-leading fitness heart rate monitors, including most Garmin, New Balance, Nike, Polar and Reebok models and enables you to customize dashboards and upload workouts on your iPhone to see and track fitness metrics, including:
➣ Current, Average and Maximum Heart Rate
➣ Time in Target Zones
➣ Calories Burned
➣ Cadence
➣ Speed
➣ Distance
➣ Power
➣ Elapsed and Remaining Exercise Time

☞☞☞ Additional Hardware Required ☞☞☞
iTMP’s SMHEART LINK™ creates a wireless bridge between a variety of fitness sensors and the iPhone. To acquire SMHEART LINK to track your real fitness data, go to Settings|Purchase SMHEART LINK or go to

✚✚✚ Free Preview ✚✚✚
You can preview iBPM+ without SMHEART LINK by going to Settings|Data Mode and turning on Simulation.

☁ For more info, visit


iPhone Fitness Gets Serious With SMHEART LINK
Photo courtesy of iTMP Technology. Using the iPhone with other devices hasn’t been as common place as most of us would have hoped by now. While we’ve seen it used with a sniper rifle already, we’ve yet to see something a little bit more

SMHEART LINK doubles iPhone as a heart rate monitor and fitness
iTMP Technology announced the launch of SMHEART LINK, a new technology that aims to bring “unparalleled health and fitness capabilities to Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) iPhone and iPod touch users” and which allows iPhone to double as a heart

Turn Your iPhone In To A Fitness Monitor
New SMHEART LINK Technology Allows iPhones To Double As Fitness Monitors iTMP Technology, a pioneering smartphone hardware and software developer, has introduced SMHEART LINK, a highly-anticipated new technology that is poised to bring

iTMP turns iPhone into heart monitor for workouts
Lots of iPhone and iPod touch users take their mobile devices along on workouts to provide the soundtrack to a bike ride or a jog. iTMP Technology thinks the iPhone can take a more active role in your fitness routine.

El iPhone se va de fitness
iTMP Technology ha introducido SMHEART LINK, una nueva tecnología dirigida a traer nuevas capacidades de salud y fitness al iPhone o iPod touch para funcionar como un monitor cardiaco o como ordenador de ciclismo.

iPhone as Fitness Accessory
You know those chuckleheads at the gym that talk on their cell phone while on the treadmill? The guy you wish would take a spill and slam into the back wall? Well now there may be an excuse for him – and you – to break the

Tracking technology, Heart, Speed, Calories, for the iPhone
Nice to see that companies are using mobile phones as the “one” device, the Garmin and other GPS systems are become useless as the mobile phones get smaller and smarter. iTMP Technology, Inc. (iTMP), makers of iSPINNING, iNewLeaf and

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