PixelCross$0.99 from mobileFlavour PixelCross

PixelCross is on sale for a limited time only. Get it now for only $0.99 before it’s bumped back up to $2.99!

PixelCross is a good exercise to your brain! It is a logic puzzle similar to picrosses and nonogram – Solver recreates a hidden picture according to the hints. You starts with an empty grid and use hints to find out the pixel is filled on the grid. The filled pixels will form a picture at the end of the game.

PixelCross is user-friendly and includes
– Level Editor.
– Web Challenge mode.
– 180 games over 5 levels difficulty.
– 4 board size 5×5, 8×8, 12×12, 20×20
– Staff best record
– Save and resume your game at anytime
– Auto-save after you press home button
– Smooth control and zoom function
– Easy navigation in large game board
– Step-by-step tutorial helps you learn the techniques with ease!

PixelCross could be very addicting. Are you ready for the challenge?

Finally a decent picross – fresno205

This is far superior to the other one. First, you have to ability to zoom so you can actually see what your doing. The controls are on the side and it is very easy to switch between type of mark. The interface is very well done and a joy to play. Worth every penny of $3. Highly recommended if you are a fan of this type of puzzle.

An excellent alternative to Picross on the DS – wastedyuthe

This looks really nice (well as nice as a Picross game can look anyway) and plays very well. Unlke another Picross app available, you can drag your finger over the squares to fill them in, rather than having to tap one at a time. There are loads of puzzles available starting from very easy to quite challenging. At last I can sell my DS Picross game (and probably sell my DS at this rate too!). Well done to the developers.


I love this game. It’s the best puzzle game, ever!!

Thank you very much!


A typical example of the many symmetrical puzzles. This is a very polished, highly playable version of Picross. It looks nice, it plays nice, and it has many puzzles. Unfortunately there is one big issue with it that stops it from


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