Wallet PRO (password manager)

Wallet PRO (password manager)$9.99 from Memengo Wallet PRO (password manager)

Be free from memorizing passwords!

Memengo Wallet helps you store passwords, records and other secrets on your iPhone, encrypted for security.

You can also chose to sync the data to memengo.com web site. In that case you can see and edit your passwords from your work PC, home Mac or other Web-connected computers.

If you sync multiple iPhones with the same memengo.com account they will share all the secrets – perfect for families or small partnerships.

Problems? Please visit Wallet Support link (below) and feel free to contact us – we answer all requests with a return address.

– Strong, military-grade encryption AES-256 (256 bit). You get to chose an encryption key – a pass-phrase of your choice that will be required to view your secrets later
– Links, phone numbers and addresses can be activated by touch.
– Folders for better organization
– Multiple Wallets allow using different encryption keys for different data
– Secure online backup for peace of mind (optional)
– Backups can be viewed and edited on http://www.memengo.com for convenience

Memengo Wallet is a great alternative to eWallet, SplashID, 1Password and other password managers.

Wallet PRO (password manager)Wallet PRO (password manager)Wallet PRO (password manager)


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