Hairstyle$2.99 from KBMSoft Hairstyle

Looking for a new style?

Upload your picture – it’s that simple.

Hairstyle lets you try on a new look on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Hairstyle gives you 100 different hairstyles, in 53 different colors directly on your iPhone/iPod Touch.

Take a picture of yourself with your iPhone, or load your picture from your Photo Albums to your iPhone/iPod and experiment with your own virtual hairstyles. Hairstyle not only gives you an idea of how you will look in an individual style, it also provides styling information as well as real tips on actual style maintenance.

Don’t want to try a style on yourself? Hairstyle also has 4 built-in virtual models that you can use to see new looks on.

Sorry men, this version contains female hairstyles only!


Hairstyle Lite
hairstyle_lite.jpg App Name: Hairstyle Lite Developer: KBMSoft Category: Lifestyle. Looking for a faaabulous new do but you’re afraid of trying it out in case it looks terrible on you? Try out Hairstyle Lite.

[閱讀查詢] hairstyle 看看你最適合哪個髮型
軟體名稱:HairStyle 軟體分類:閱讀查詢官方網站:KBMSoft 安裝資源:App Store 操作等級:▼▽▽▽▽ 推薦安裝:▲▲▲▽▽ 購買費用:USD$2.99 ————————————————— 從很久以前,吉米就在想,為什麼剪頭髮之前,沒有


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