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NEW: New look, landscape mode, change colors, font, number of stories and back-end updates regularly.

News USA brings you news from all the top news websites of USA. Sports, General, Movies, Technology, Business and customized news pages all in one simple app. Now read Sports news from ESPN / SI or Business News from CNN Money / Wall Street or Tech News from CNET / SlashDot or Entertainment news from People / E ! Online or current news from CNN/MSNBC just with a few touches.

You can also create your customized news page with news from all major US news websites ! Read news from websites which do not even have RSS feeds !

Updated every hour, the news comes to you fresh in simple and easy to use app. If you have any suggestions, please email us. If you like the app, spread the word and please submit a review. Thanks.

This app is updated regularly both at the front end and also at the back end.

OTHER Rss News apps download the files to your iphone and then parse the files to get the news, taking up lot of space and making it slower with time. News Usa Plus app does not download any files to your iPhone/iPod. All the processing it down at our servers and so all you get is just the news you want.

News USANews USANews USANews USA


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